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Windmill Health Products Focus Formula Review

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Windmill Health Products Focus Formula is called a brain enhancement supplement, with the featured ingredients of DHA, huperzine A, and vinpocetine. These 3 featured ingredients are designed to improve concentration, recall, and memory. There are 60 capsules in each box, and each box costs around $15 at your local GNC store. When we were reviewing the memory supplements from the GNC website, we came across Windmill Health Products Focus Formula as an interesting one. It looked like it was featuring some of the better brain focus ingredients, pairing them with typical multivitamins like vitamin C and vitamins B6 and B12.

Windmill Health Products Focus Formula is for sale on GNC’s website as well as on the e-store of Vitamin Shoppe. There are a variety of reviews on these sites, ranging from strong 5-star reviews in favor of Windmill Health Products Focus Formula to 1-star reviews that claim Windmill Health Products Focus Formula does nothing at all. For our own review, we put this supplement to the test by doing our own trial runs with it.

Focus Formula Ingredients

Focus Formula contains quite a weird lot of ingredients, due to their interesting pairing between DHA, huperzine A, and vinpocetine with multivitamins. We just felt that it was quite odd that they were blatantly showing this sort of thing on their website. A weird combination due to the fact that we feel that multivitamins do not belong on a nootropic.

When you start mixing a multivitamin with brain enhancing substances, bad things might happen. Alright, maybe it isn’t that bad. However, you’re in essence, reducing the overall potency of the actual nootropics, which isn’t something that we’re exactly fond of here.

What Focus Formula Does for You

We had a show of hands for 10 volunteers in the office to come and try out Focus Formula for 2 months. Of course, upper management supplied all the supplements, and the participants gave their feedback.

After the first week of testing, just there were only 2 of us who reported any noticeable changes to concentration and focus. After 1 month, 3 out of the 10 reported positive changes. After the full 2 months, though, a total of only 4 of us here at the office reported that they felt more focused and ready for the day’s tasks. This was a below average response, and this is reflected in the score we gave Windmill Health Products Focus Formula.

The Problem with Focus Formula

Whilst Windmill Health Products Focus Formula might be an interesting idea, with their vision to combine a nootropic substance with multivitamins, it in itself is flawed. It might be able to replace your multivitamin, but you should expect to experience similar results. The consensus showed that it wasn’t really a good nootropic. One of us suggested that pairing Focus Formula with another supplement sounds like a good idea. However, that person was an idiot. There really is no reason to get Focus Formula. Get a multivitamin instead. Centrum is pretty good.

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