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Vyvanse Review

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After Adderall became the go-to brain focus pharmaceutical, it did really well for a lot of people, ranging from ADHD sufferers to high-performing students and executives.

Developed by Shire Pharmaceuticals, they continue to produce the XR (extended release) version of Adderall.

However, Shire saw the writing on the wall, and bought the rights to Vyvanse right before it was going to market. They paid billions for it.

That’s billions with a “B.” Aside from that, Vyvanse is also well known for its chemical make-up, which comprises lisdexamfetamine dimesylate.

The compound breaks off into lysine (a naturally occurring amino acid) and the amphetamine, which goes straight to the brain.

Vyvanse has been growing lately in popularity as the alternative to Adderall, and in many ways, it seems as if more and more people tend to be buying Vyvanse lately.

In fact, in a recent survey, it seems as if there have been more perscriptions written to Vyvanse in comparison to Adderall.

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How Vyvanse Works

In many ways, Vyvanse is similar to Adderall. If you liked Adderall, you have to try Vyvanse.

Although we frequently test many nootropics at the office, we have a few staples, and Vyanse is one of them.

Vyvanse is also widely known for its use in school, where Adderall is not available locally.

Some people are on it pretty regularly, with a day off between days on.

Vyvanse works in the same mysterious way that Adderall does.

It produces chemicals that open up the receptor highways in the brain, allowing a lot more traffic to travel down it.

Notable, though, is that Vyvanse is a synthesized pill.

A large difference as to why people prefer to use Vyvanse over Adderall is because Vyvanse is far less addictive than Adderall.

However, the effects of Vyvanse in comparison to Adderall is much less, whereas Adderall releases a lot of chemicals, Vyvanse does so in a lesser extent.

Another thing to consider, though, is that neither Vyvanse nor Adderall really are true nootropics.

In fact, what they really do is that they release dopamine and norepinephrine between synapses in the brain, allowing an overall good feeling, and motivation to do work.

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What Vyvanse Does for You

Vyvanse is sort of a super drug.

It works for most people, and when it works, it really works. In a lot of ways, you can say that Vyvanse is the 2.0 version of Adderall, or if Adderall would be an app, Vyvanse would be its Pro version.

It lasts longer, has fewer side effects, and works for most people who try it. We receive quite a few emails from people asking questions on Vyvanse, but more of them are related to dosage and where they can get it. Among those emails are positive feedbacks as well.

One side effect, however, is that it may cause irritability in some cases. A small price for a greater Adderall.

Additionally, both Vyvanse and Adderall can cause withdrawal symptoms due to discontinued use. However, Vyvanse seemed to demonstrate the withdrawal symptoms in our team to a lesser extent compared to Adderall.

Note, though, that Vyvanse is still easily abused, similar to Adderall, and that people should not go over the prescribed dosage of one capsule per day.

The Problem with Vyvanse

There are only a few products that can really impress – this is one of them.

Some even comment that Vyvanse seems to be the perfect pharmaceutical brain supplement.

However, this does not make Vyvanse the best choice for everyone, though.

Remember in the movie Limitless with Bradley Cooper when the experimental super drug NZT-48 starts to kill people?

While it is neither being implied that Vyvanse is anything like NZT-48 or that it is experimental, be aware that this drug has not been out long enough on the market yet.

Although at the moment, there are none to be found, who knows if there are any long-term side effects?

Therefore, it is only recommend to first try taking Vyvanse once a week with your daily driver being a more natural supplement like Alpha Brain or NITROvit. Then you can move on to the suggested doses.

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