Vitacost Cognitive Support Review

Vitacost Cognitive Support Review

Price: $23.99

Although it isn’t exactly as popular, or as well marketed out there, very many of our readers consider Vitacost’s Cognitive Support to be one of the best brain enhancers out there. Whether we can actually agree with this view or not might be questionable. However, Vitacost’s reputation has always produced great supplements, without problems or shortcomings. This really puts Vitacost’s Cognitive Support to the test, though, as there are very many brain enhancers out there as well that perform exceptionally, while not being as widely distributed. An example would be Focus Factor that was distributed on GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Vitamin World, and, but did not perform so well in our tests.

However, we have no reservations.

Cognitive Support Ingredients

Vitacost’s Cognitive Support actually has a really sound formula. Unlike a Focus Factor that we reviewed earlier, which tried to go the all-in-one route, Cognitive Support takes a page out of the industry’s best, with a formula that only contains 8 ingredients – no proprietary blends, no fillers. This was extremely satisfying. Included in its repertoire of ingredients are Vitamin B12, Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALCAR), Ginkgo, Phosphatidylserine, DMAE, Vinpocetine, and Huperzine A – all of which are very high quality ingredients, and are mostly spread across many different famous brain pill manufacturers – they’re in Alpha Brain, Biohack Pure, and Nitrovit.

What Cognitive Support Does for You

Amazingly, Cognitive Support actually performs quite extremely well. It’s an incredibly potent brain pill that produces even more enhanced effects. Focus, concentration, and clarity are all things that were experienced immediately as we jumped into Cognitive Support, but additionally, as we continued to stay on it longer, the effects sort of increased in intensity. Additionally, for some peculiar reason, some of us were able to mention an increase in creativity? However, this feat was not replicated enough to be considered ‘common effects.’

The Problem with Vitacost Cognitive Support

There isn’t one. Although Vitacost’s Cognitive Support might not be the best brain pill we’ve tried before in terms of effects, it sure would make some of the best out there on a run for their money! The effects were very good, and even better, it seemed as if they were increasing in intensity the longer that we were actually on it – truly the mark of a great nootropic supplement. Additionally, it’s amazing at the small price it’s offered at, and would be difficult to beat! Vitacost’s Cognitive Support may not be the best, but with just a few slight tweaks to the formula, it might just be.

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