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VII.V Mindset is made by Seven Point Five, a company that specializes in supplements and vitamins. The company’s website is interesting, as it explains how the coral for their coral supplement is collected and how the exact ingredients for their supplements are not disclosed for fear of being copied. VII.V Mindset is just one of several products that the company makes. VII.V Mindset is geared towards a calm mind, one in which stress is eliminated. VII.V Mindset is supposed to make people who use it feel less stress, so we were expecting the same results.

 Mindset Ingredients

Mindset contains a variety of ingredients that are available to most other nootropics – GABA, L-Tyrosine, L-Glutamine. However, Mindset also has some ingredients that we’ve not seen before. Valerian root, for example, causes an extremely calming effect, which would really help the brain for those with anxiety as well. Work can be stressful, it might just help.

Their Coral Calcium Powder, on the other hand, is quite unique. What it does is that it demonstrates a kind of alkalizing effect which aids effective absorption of other ingredients. Basically, when taken with the other nootropic ingredients, it’ll in a way, increase its potency – or so they say.

What Mindset Does for You

VII.V Mindset was tested by some of us here at the office for around 2 months. We know that the ingredients inside Mindset bring about a calming effect, much like a cup of chamomile tea. Unfortunately, though, since the ingredient quantities are not listed, there is no way to know whether or not VII.V Mindset is nothing more than a concoction of tea extracts. We believe that the effects of this supplement are similar to those brought about by drinking tea.

However, there are still some nootropic ingredients listed in their formula, and to that, it does work to an extent. However, it simply isn’t as effective in its brain enhancing abilities as the other nootropics available out there on the market. There were only marginal increases in our abilities to focus. Similarly, there weren’t much improvements in memory consolidation as well.

The Problem with Mindset

VII.V Mindset is basically a tea supplement. There are benefits from drinking tea, and those of you who feel like benefiting from them should rather drink tea instead. However, these benefits do not have any purpose for those looking for brain enhancing benefits. It does not do much to actually focus the mind, like many other supplements out there on the market. It works, but to a small, lesser extent. If you’re looking for a nootropic that really does enhance brain function by leaps, take a look at our other recommended supplements.

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