VÄXA Memorin Review

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Memorin is a brain supplement marketed as a “Homeopathic Medicinal for Memory and Clear Thinking” coming from VAXA, a company offering many different supplements ranging from cholesterol combating to stress relief. Memorin is quite interestingly topping many different review sites across the internet, always coming in within the top 5, and is praised for its many positive effects on memory – ergo, memorin.

Memorin, although not particularly our favorite on Brain Pill Advisor, still performs extremely well with a lot of our users, as we still get a substantial flow of emails reviewing the product. While its website and overall branding doesn’t look particularly aesthetically appealing, Memorin still has some interesting strong points. However, those who might have tried it might have some interesting insights on its effectiveness that you might not have known.

VÄXA Memorin Ingredients

VAXA Memorin actually has quite a lot of ingredients, as you will readily see on its label. Not counting, it could be easily gauged that there are over 50 ingredients in Memorin’s formula, which is actually quite concerning – especially when thinking about how many ingredients included actually contribute towards brain enhancement – a lot of these ingredients are simply minerals and vitamins.


This of course is another reason why the recommended dosage is 2 to 3 capsules, twice a day, meaning that you might be taking anywhere between 4 to 6 capsules a day. While you might say that this isn’t really a concern, a big thing to consider, is that if you will be using a brain enhancer for a long period of time, it might be incredibly inconvenient to use, especially when considering brain enhancers as long-term solutions.

What VÄXA Memorin Does for You

For some reason, when we ordered Memorin, it took a lot longer than usual for it to arrive at our door. In fact, it actually took around two weeks before our order arrived, and it really was a little bit disappointing. We had to delay and shift some plans around due to that. However, when it arrived, it was off to testing!

Sadly, we didn’t really feel Memorin doing anything for the brain. Really, there wasn’t much to be said as it simply didn’t perform that well. Notably, there was a slight euphoric feeling, as you could definitely feel the buzzing, but that buzz didn’t really do much, as it seems that all of us still seemed to work at the same level, with no increase of productivity at all.

There were also some side effects. First of all, some of us did feel some bad headaches, which were often present towards the end of our ‘buzz’ from Memorin. Additionally, some, although not many, also experienced some pretty bad ‘explosive’ diarrhea when under Memorin. Some even noted that with their buzz, also came some heavy heart palpitations, which were extremely concerning.

The Problem with VÄXA Memorin

VAXA Memorin really doesn’t deserve its top spots on many other review sites. We believe that although it might aid memory in some way, wasn’t substantially good enough to compete with some of the others that we’ve already tried before. VAXA Memorin doesn’t do much, but does create this sort of buzz or high that you really feel in the head. However, for us, there was still no effects in performance.

In addition to that, VAXA Memorin also shows some seriously concerning side effects that really did put us off away from it. While it does boast some great reviews online, and some even from our users, we have to say that we did not particularly like it at all.

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