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So we’ve taken a look at one of VAXA’s products before and that was Memorin. Today’s review will focus on VAXA Attend – also a homeopathic supplement but one specifically designed to improve focus and attention. The product is quite well known to be a safe and effective treatment option for children with ADD/ADHD. So if you happen to be a parent of a child with attention or behavior issues then we hope that the following review will be useful.

VAXA Attend mostly consists of ingredients that work by calming the mind, which would allow you or your child to focus on the task at hand as opposed to getting overwhelmed by one thought after another. Most people with ADD/ADHD often struggle with frustration and anxiety, meaning the mind is preoccupied with one too many thoughts. This explains why it becomes so difficult to concentrate and maintain a long attention span. VAXA Attend’s formula will induce relaxation which can hopefully clear the mind and stimulate the nervous system to work in a more efficient manner.


Ingredients in VÄXA Attend

This is the second product from VAXA with an ingredients list that’s just a little too long for our liking. Over 70 different herbal compounds have been packed into a tiny capsule, which although may sound impressive to begin with, is really not the best choice. Think of it as putting 10 talented people into a tiny elevator, and then expecting them to perform to the best of their abilities. Well, some of them might need a little more space than the rest to actually be able to carry out their skills. And some talents may outshine all the others, which doesn’t really seem fair. Point being that it’s the most ideal situation if you want to get good results. Squeezing too many ingredients into a tiny space could easily mean that some are getting trampled over by others.

In a more positive light, two of our favorite ingredients from the formula include Valeriana and Lithium Carbonicum. Valerian extract is a herb commonly used to treat symptoms of ADHD due to its relaxing properties. The compound is even used by some to help with sleep issues. Lithium Carbonicum is one of the best choices for those who often struggle with anxiety, panic attacks, jitters, and tension. These two ingredients will allow the person with ADHD to feel more calm and composed.

What VÄXA Attend Does for You

We were interested to learn what a couple of parents have thought about the product. Take a look at what we found…

“My son (10) has ADHD inattentive. He is not hyperactive, but has a lot of trouble staying on task. We’ve tried some other things and so I thought we could give this a try. We are taking 1 in the AM and 1 in the afternoon.

I am happy to report no adverse side affects besides getting him to swallow the thing:) His grades seem to be improving and I’ve noticed his attitude is slightly improved overall. He just seems in a better mood than before.

I cannot say anything specific the pill has done so I’m trying it for another couple of months to see if the trend continues to improve.” by Robert W. Morse II on Amazon.com

“I am an IBS patient struggling with alot of focus/attention difficulties. This is especially troublesome on the job. I bought Attend hoping that it would help alleviate some of the “brain Fog” I am currently experiencing. It did not work for me. An hour after taking the first pill I had horrible stomach cramps that resulted in numerous bathroom visits. It may be very helpful for some but if you have IBS I would steer clear!” by E. M. Natalino on Amazon.com


The Problem with VÄXA Attend

VAXA Attend would truly excel if the manufacturers could simplify the formula. Once you hit past the 50-ingredient limit, the question of whether each substance even has enough space to work becomes very real. Different parents have seen both good and bad results after using the product to treat their child’s attention issues. Since the majority of comments are positive and the price is affordable, getting VAXA Attend to try out for a few months wouldn’t be such a bad option. If you are concerned about side effects, however, it is best to consult with your physician about your child’s situation.


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