Red Seal Ginkgo Brain Alert Review

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So you’re a uni student struggling to keep up with what seems to be an endless pile of work and assignments. Classes are boring and you can’t seem to pay attention to the professor for longer than 15 minutes before your mind drifts off elsewhere. Or perhaps you’re a striving businessman/woman with tons of brilliant ideas floating around your head, but you just can’t find the energy and motivation to push through and turn them into a reality. People with ADD/ADHD are not the only ones who suffer from attention issues. Some of us just can’t find it in ourselves to be motivated and stay productive for long periods of time. Products such as Ginkgo Brain Alert by Red Seal are designed specifically to help people such as you and myself to improve mental alertness and focus, boost stamina and reduce stress. Red Seal’s all natural, herbal approach may appeal to many as a safe nootropic formula option, but can the product excel in terms of results?


Red Seal Ginkgo Brain Alert Ingredients

Each Ginkgo Brain Alert capsule consists of:

  • Ginkgo leaf (G.biloba) 40mg
  • Guarana seed (P.cupana) 67.5mg (22.0 % Caffeine Alkaloid)
  • Ginseng root (P.ginseng) extract 160mg
  • Encapsulating aids


What Red Seal Ginkgo Brain Alert Does for You

In 2010, America fell in love with ginkgo biloba extract and made it the second best-selling supplement in the market. Ginkgo works by increasing blood flow throughout the body, particularly touching on the nervous system. When blood flow is improved in the brain, we are allowed to focus for longer periods of time and our memory capacity improves. Some have claimed ginkgo as an effective age-related memory loss preventer because the herb shows some abilities to slow down brain cell deterioration. While this belief hasn’t exactly been proven, people who have used ginkgo seem to be pleased with the results it brings.

Meanwhile, guarana works effectively to boost mental alertness and reduce overall fatigue. This seed originates from Brazil and actually contains higher caffeine contents than coffee beans do, making it more effective in terms of increasing energy.

Ginseng root, on the other hand, is particularly helpful for stress reduction and fatigue. When we attempt to work and/or study for long hours, our brains feel tired and can’t seem to keep up. Ginseng can fix that right up by decreasing stress and elevating mental energy.


The Problem with Red Seal Ginkgo Brain Alert

We would only recommend this product for those of you who are new to the nootropics world or those who are looking for a mild formula out of safety concern. Ginkgo Brain Alert only contains three natural ingredients, which undoubtedly can benefit you in the long-term, but we’re not sure just how effective it can be within hours of taking the product. Please note that guarana has high caffeine content, so for those of you who aren’t used to starting their days with a cup of Joe, you may want to start with a lower dose. Otherwise, remember to stay hydrated in order to avoid jitters and increased heart rate. If you are an advanced nootropic user or if you simply don’t want to waste time with mild formulas then we recommend going with a supplement containing ingredients such as Vinpocetine or Huperzine A.


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