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Staying focused and being productive becomes pretty tough when your mind is swamped with worries, anxiety, negative thoughts and clouded thinking. One skill that most of us have yet to master is the ability to ‘ignore’ or put aside stress and instead transfer that same energy into our work. How wonderful would life be if things were only that easy?

If life is getting a bit of out hand right now but you’re still rational enough to realize that you can’t lose the grip on things then get yourself an anti-anxiety supplement. Pure Calm by NativeRemedies is an all-natural product that you can use to take the edge off and feel more relaxed during those tense days at the office.


Ingredients in Pure Calm

Native Remedies tells us that Pure Calm’s formula can also be used to balance mood. Let’s take a closer look at their herbal approach. Pure Calm’s liquid formula contains: lavender, lemon balm and passionflower. At first glance, this definitely reminds us of a sleep-inducing formula. Passionflower extract, for instance, contains sedating properties that may be useful for those who have trouble getting to sleep. Meanwhile, lemon balm extract is a popular herbal choice to treat anxiety and insomnia. Since these ingredients mostly help to tackle sleep-related issues, taking the product in the morning may lead to drowsiness. In order to avoid this, it is important to stick to the recommended dose of 0.5 mL taken 3 times per day.

What Pure Calm Does for You

Pure Calm’s performance was quite expected. Although it did work to reduce anxiety, it did it more on a physical than a mental level. The body felt much calmer and there was a noticeable release of tension around 30-40 minutes after taking a few drops. However, focus and concentration were not improved significantly enough. One consumer seemed to agree with us – he commented on Amazon.com that when he feels “jittery (anxious),” “(10-15 drops) of purecalm does the job.”

The Problem with Pure Calm

Pure Calm is a great product to add to your daily nootropic stack. It doesn’t have a strong enough formula to improve aspects of brain function but it certainly plays a role in reducing anxiety and stress. In order to lower levels of stress and experience significant brain boosting effects, you would need to take Pure Calm with a stronger, more potent product like Nitrovit.

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