Procera AVH-review

Procera AVH Review

Price: $35.99 (60 capsules, 20 day supply)

Manufactured by Brain Research Lab and being retailed by GNC – one of the biggest supplement chains in the world, Procera AVH is quite amazing to say the least.

It’s gotten quite a lot of popularity over the last few years, right now being at its highest point. Although its reputation precedes it, Procera AVH has been successful at competing with some of the best brain enhancers available out there in the market. That’s not to say that it doesn’t have room for improvements.

Procera AVH Ingredients

One reasons why Procera AVH works so well is because it is highly potent. Although it isn’t arguably a ‘complete’ nootropic supplement, it still does have the main ingredients right. It contains these three key ingredients that are also found in the best brain enhancers available out there: Acetyl L-Carnitine, Vinpocetine, and Huperzine A. These three ingredients, packed in a 500mg tablet is an incredibly potent mix. At the recommended “3 Tablets per day” on its supplement facts label, that is really A LOT.

Most brain enhancers would only have around 200mg of each of these ingredients, and the fact that Procera’s formula allows for much, much more is amazing. Without doubt, you will definitely feel a kick from Procera.

However, with this interesting fact, the question, ‘shouldn’t there be more ingredients?’ comes up.  Procera lacks quite a few important nootropic ingredients like Ginkgo, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and Alpha GPC. It isn’t exactly ideal for those who want a more rounded experience.

What Procera AVH Does for You

We ordered Procera AVH from GNC and were actually quite surprised on how quickly the package arrived. We ordered at 10am in the morning, and by the time we were leaving from the office at around 5pm, the delivery guy had already arrived – and this was on their $3.99 flat rate non-priority shipping!

When we started passing it around the next day and testing it, we were all quite immediately amazed by the things that we were able to do. The office was silent – you could literally hear the tapping of keyboards from across the room. It was really amazing what could be done in the span of four hours.

Productivity was extremely high, and this stayed high for the duration of the four weeks that we were on Procera.

Sadly, some of us didn’t like it too much. It was really incredibly potent that it hindered some from doing work. They simply weren’t able to focus, and on top of that, some of us also experienced headaches towards the end of the day when on it. This again, could possibly be due to the lack of Choline in Procera AVH.

The Problem with Procera AVH

Procera AVH is really an amazing brain enhancer. It has proven to us that even with three main ingredients, its managed to outshine 80% of all others out there. Potency really is important, and if you’d have us choose a brain pill with 3 ingredients vs. a brain pill with 30 ingredients, we’d pick the former.

Procera AVH performed exceptionally well, and those of us who were on it for periods longer than 10 days showed exceptional productivity and time-management skills. It was like being more efficient. This might also be why a lot of the user reviews that have been submitted to us have been generally positive. For its price, Procera should really be considered by anyone looking for brain enhancement.

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