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Pomology Mind Formula is a supplement that focuses on antioxidants and vitamins on top of their base of nootropic substances. This appeals to us since it is all natural. Each bottle costs about $18. There are 60 vegetarian capsules in each bottle, and the daily dose is 2 – 4 pills. This bottle will not last long, especially on the higher dosage, which some people might want to take in order to get an overall fuller benefit from the supplement.

The supplement is sold on the manufacturer’s website as well as retailers like Amazon. Pomology Mind Formula is based on the current trend of pomegranate products being in the news. While the recent news has supported products like Pomology Mind Formula, these substances have been consumed since ancient times. It is even mentioned in the Bible.

Mind Formula Ingredients

When you take a look at Mind Formula’s supplement facts sheet, you’ll notice that a lot of the ingredients they’ve included are actually ingredients in most other nootropics as well. However, the ingredients that they really do push out are Pomegranate and Ashwaganda extracts, both of which aren’t all too common in most other nootropics.

Pomegranate extract works as an antioxidant similar to ALCAR, is an antioxidant, cleaning the blood, which allows better bloodflow to the brain, increasing information retain and recall by leaps. Ashwaganda extract, on the other hand, reduces swelling and inflammation in the brain, as well as lowers blood pressure in the body.

What Mind Formula Does for You

Pomology Mind Formula was put to the test with the small group of participants from our office. We had to stock up on quite a few bottles, since the dosage per day was so high. Pomology Mind Formula has a good concept, since the benefits of its main ingredient are fairly well agreed upon by the science community. However, the benefits of Pomology Mind Formula are not exactly the same as those gained from a nootropic supplement or a pharmaceutical, so they are sort of hard to compare with each other.

In our trials, participants reported that they felt better overall, but would not say that mental activity was aided specifically. At the end of our two month trial period, however, we found that around 9/15 of those who participated felt that it actually was working, or starting to work. This indicated that it might take a while longer for the effects to be evident in some.

The Problem with Mind Formula

Pomology Mind Formula is a good idea, but it is a supplement that does not have the instant benefits of nootropics supplements or other such brain enhancers. Take note that these effects might demonstrate much later for some people than others. That said, the effects of nootropics might demonstrate themselves at different times, a day after you start taking them, or maybe two months later. However, it is important to note that nootropics do work in your body. It might just take a while. We found, overall, that Pomology Mind Formula is an extremely decent nootropic, offering quite a unique take on the whole nootropic industry.

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