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OptiMind Review

OptiMind Review Scores

We review OptiMind as it really got our attention with its strikingly beautiful website, and the amount of interest it has gathered recently on Reddit’s nootropic category.

This made us wonder – can this product be as good as our editors number 1 choice NITROvit?

OptiMind does bring some interesting things to the table, though – and for that, it seems to have gathered a following in a very short amount of time.

OptiMind comes in one-bottle and two-bottle offerings, but a single bottle in itself will set you back $42.31.

However, what isn’t said is that it will only last you around 16 days before you run out (if taking the recommended 2 capsules per day).

Bear this in mind… A monthly supply of OptiMind is not the best value on the market.

OptiMind Ingredients

Unless you actually purchase OptiMind, you won’t be able to find a supplement facts label on their website (a big warning sign), however, we did find a list of all the ingredients. It just didn’t have any information of the ingredients’ specific milligrams.

With what we had, we were able to conclude that OptiMind contains a lot of filler, and not really much of the good stuff.

It has caffeine, which takes away from the overall efficacy of the pill, and additionally, it also has DMAE, which has been banned in a few countries due to research that revealed a correlation between its use and cell death.

While there are some evidently good ingredients in OptiMind, it just seemed as if their formula had been created years ago, before some newer studies had produced evidence against them, and before the discovery of the more modern nootropic ingredients.

In a word, OptiMind’s formula seems ‘outdated’.

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What OptiMind Does for You

For this review, we tested OptiMind extensively for a duration of 8 weeks, and we were actually quite pleased by the results that we got.

Firstly, we were able to feel a surge of focus immediately after taking the first capsule, but that would be likely attributed to caffeine inside of it.

However, it seemed for us that this is all OptiMind really did. We would feel a little excited and giddy after taking it, and that would wear off after 20 minutes or so – signs found with a usual cup of coffee with a caffeine content of approx. 100mg.

Luckily, there were no side effects from OptiMind, though.

It was a good energy booster that did not have any side effects that normal caffeine sources, but turned in a poor show when you weigh up the effects, versus the website claims.

The Problem with OptiMind

OptiMind seems like it is all show and not a lot of substance. OptiMind despite its catchy name, and clean looking website delivers very little long term.

The website looks good, but beyond that, it lacks any real information on what OptiMind can do for you, their pricing strategy just can’t compete with better value products including Ed’s own favorite Nitrovit and we suggest you to check our other reviews.

The formula seems sound, and it is… But the value offered just doesn’t offset the high price.

No reports of side effects was a big plus for OptiMind and despite the lack of any real engagement on their facebook page, some 17,000 people seemed to have gone and given them the thumbs up! They must be doing something right… It just seems that on the brain enhancement part, others are doing it better.

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Site Score: 7.4 User Score: 6.9 Website

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