Brain Alert Review

Brain Alert ReviewIf there was an award for the tackiest label of the year, these guys would get it hands down. We’re not sure what they’re trying to achieve here, unless they’re trying to tell us that this is the best because “they’re all natural”. Come on, look at the label – that’s exactly the message they’re trying to convey. Instead of going the conventional “picture of a brain” route, they’ve gone with a barn in front of fields of hay. Never in our life have we seen such an ugly bottle, unless they’re trying to attract the older generations. In which case, it should be named memory enhancer since that should appeal better to that.

Onto their website, while there was some information available over there, I was surprised that they even sold anything, due to the site being chucked full of banner ads (which was advertising the better Alpha Brain and NITROvit). I wouldn’t be surprised if they make more revenue from their ad clicks. However, when you get past all of that, you’ll be disappointed to see only extremely 4 short paragraphs, with what looks like a diagram from Dr. Watson, describing what Brain Alert does.

While the label and the website isn’t a big deal, perhaps I’m just a little OCD on font colors and stuff (that’s what happens when you’ve had past experiences in design). If these guys have got the label so wrong, how good is the formula? After all that is the most important part.

Brain Alert Ingredients

The ingredients are basically the most ridiculous thing ever. If you take a close look, half of it is vitamins and minerals, while the other half is just a bunch of ingredients (around 30) stuffed into a 315mg proprietary blend! Not only were you getting the least potent brain pill to have ever been made, but they’ve included some weird stuff in there – cow brain, cow hypothalamus, eggs, greens, clovers, peppermints. Hey, maybe it does come from a farm!

Then again, we weren’t so sure due to some of the ingredients they used as well. In all honesty, I don’t think this does anything for you at all. One of the ingredients, is basically compounded sugar. Not only that, it’s a synthesized compounded sugar – Chondroitin Sulfate. I don’t know about you, but my dad was the best farmer back in Texas, but even he couldn’t grow a sulfate tree.

Thankfully, they didn’t get their formula as bad as their branding, but again, it lacks any punch. If anything, this bottle of happen pills doesn’t deserve the title “alert”.  The only thing remotely qualifying for that was the ghastly picture of a barn on the front.

The Problem with Brain Alert

Being so cheap (the price, not the label – last gag, I promise -Ed.), we didn’t contact the company to send us some as we normally do, and instead just bought it online. It was easier than groveling. A pretty simple checkout process, although it did take a day or two longer than expected but packaging was good, and the product was well received.

As mentioned, it lacked any real punch. When we used Nutrapathic’s Brain Alert, we just felt like it was the same as taking a multivitamin. It didn’t do anything for us. Oh wait! It did. It made us feel sick, but on the positive side… there is no positive side.

Check out our other reviews for the best on brain pills, cause clearly, Nutrapathic Brain Alert isn’t a winner.


Site Score: 2.1

User Score: 4.5

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