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Nitrovit Review 2022: It Doesn’t Get Better Than This!
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Updated Nitrovit Review 2022

When we first set out to write this updated Nitrovit review, we already knew how fantastic the Nitrovit product was.

After all, it’s been our Editors’ Choice for the past 3 years – BUT… Then President Mark Madison adjusted the formula.

‘Oh God no’ we thought… Why change Nitrovit if it is not broken?

Project Noo You and Mark’s Nitrovit formula have been adored by the nootropics community due to its bold and clever selection of some of the best nootropic ingredients in the market – Noopept being one ingredient.

Nitrovit has been our number 1 nootropic supplement of choice for years, and that has a lot to do with the company’s transparency regarding the product’s formula, the affordable pricing, and of course the effectiveness of the product itself.


Nitrovit review – The New 2022 Formula Release

Recently, it has come to our attention that Nitrovit’s formula underwent a major upgrade.

This may stun some of you and even leave you wondering why anyone would mess with something so close to perfection for its price point?

But we must understand and accept the fact that the world is constantly in motion, progressing towards bigger and better opportunities.

The iPhone or Samsung that you own right now may represent the most advanced technology available thus far, but it certainly won’t be in the next year or two, when newer and more recently discovered software get released.

That being said, the same concept applies to supplements, meaning you should be excited to hear that a formula has been updated.

Even though Nitrovit’s original formula was good enough to blow our minds away, the manufacturers managed to work and improve on it even more to bring us A1 results.

Take a look at what’s new…

Nitrovit Ingredients – After An Unbelievable Upgrade

Nitrovit’s upgraded formula is a different kind of animal, so expect to be seeing some stately results.

The full supplement facts label is posted right on the company’s official website but we’ve taken it over here to give you guys a quick preview:

Brain supplement NITROvit's ingredient list

When compared to the previous formula, you’ll see that a lot of changes have been made ­– some stuff removed and better stuff to replace them.

Their brand new Stack is definitely worth the rave – a bit of Taurine to get your engines revved up, a dash of Huperzine A to enhance your learning abilities and a proper plate of Noopept to boost memory recall better than ever before.

This trio combo is completely brand new and has never been seen before, which is why we consider it a modern breakthrough.

Acetylcholine levels are quite sensitive to change – when you undergo stress, they drop; when you get older (which is every second of every day), they drop (very, very little at a time…but still!).

Noopept and Huperzine A together help to increase the production of acetylcholine, to ensure that your brain is in tiptop shape.

What makes Noopept different from the rest, however, is its capacity to boost BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor) and NGF (Nerve Growth Factor) release.

This particular mechanism of action by Noopept has been shown in various clinical studies.

Neuropeptides in the award-winning formula

NGF and BDNF are neuropeptides in the brain that connect one brain cell to the other, thereby improving inter-cell communication.

Without these neuropeptides, the formation and retention of long-term memories would be impossible.

Noopept is considered a huge deal in the nootropic industry because it’s one of the only ingredients that can actually make an impact on memory recall.

Nitrovit’s formula also contains the renowned Alpha GPC as a choline source, which prevents side effects and helps to further boost improvements made to mental performance.

Read on to learn more (in elaboration) about Nitrovit’s nuclear arsenal, in terms of ingredients!

Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC is undoubtedly one of the BEST forms of choline available in the world of supplements.

This extremely powerful choline source influences the production of acetylcholine in the brain, which leads to better comprehension skills and a higher capacity to learn.

While you naturally obtain choline from your diet, most people do not meet the daily recommended dose of choline.

And what happens when we are choline deficient? Low or rapidly fluctuating energy levels, decreased memory capacity, lowered analytical skills and bad mood.

Since Nitrovit packs in one of the highest-quality forms of choline – Alpha GPC – supplementing with this product will ensure that you’re on the right track.

Another benefit to Alpha GPC is that it helps to prevent the emergence of unwanted side effects i.e. headache, dizziness, etc.

Guarana Powder

Guarana powder helps increase Focus, Mental Clarity, productivity as well as boosting stamina.

Guarana powder is made from the seed of the Guarana plant which is found in the Amazon rainforest, mostly within Brazil.

It’s unique properties makes this compound known to be a natural energy source with a profound ability to increase concentration.

Early research found that taking a single dose of Guarana extract increases some aspects of memory as well as improving thinking speed.

Nitrovit contains 270mg of Guarana powder. This amount is optimal for performance while balancing with the other ingredients to give a powerful effect.


Phosphatidylserine has been shown to benefit those suffering with disorders that effect their ability to focus and pay attention.

The stress reducing characteristics of the PS compound make it a perfect tool for overachievers whose drive to succeed can often leave them feeling under pressure.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic Acid or ALA is a naturally produced chemical found in our cells that helps to convert glucose into usable energy.

These fatty acids manage to do this by attaching themselves to energy-related enzymes and turning carbohydrates into cellular power.

For this reason, Alpha Lipoic Acid serves as a metabolic nootropic.

In fact, it’s proven to be so effective that top fitness experts recognize it as being one of the TOP 5 supplements to take as a NATURAL ENERGY BOOSTER.

When there are excess amounts of ALA circulating in our bodies, these compounds begin to act as anti-oxidants – bravely attacking free radicals and other neurotoxins.

Because ALA is soluble in both water and fat, it finds its way through the blood-brain barrier very easily, thus enabling it to reverse the effects of oxidation damage.

In turn, communication between brain neurons improves, therefore improving general thinking speed, aiding with verbal fluency, and even enhancing reaction times and balance.


BioPerine is extracted from the black pepper fruits and has been used as to increase bioavailability of other nutrients for over 20 years.

Ancient physicians often prescribed black pepper as a medicine for a whole range of ailments, they didn’t understand its full potential but knew that it was effective at treating people.

Since its modern discovery there has been lots of compounds found that claim to also increase bioavailability of nutrients in the human body.

However, BioPerine is the original and the first ever bioavailability enhancer to be discovered by scientists and still to this day considered to be the most effective.

In addition to its ability to improve the absorption of other nutrients it has its own benefits of improving memory, cognitive skills and the immune system.


NITROvit is proud to contain Noopept in its formula – a widely respected nootropic compound with 1000x higher potency than your average Piracetam and a reputable ability to bring results.

Noopept, designed in the 1960’s by Russian scientists, is a type of dipeptide with high bioavailability, meaning it can enter the blood stream and be transported to the brain without difficulty.

Noopept’s benefits are mostly noticed in areas of memory, learning and concentration.

This POWERFUL nootropic works by increasing the sensitivity of acetylcholine receptors in the brain or in simpler terms, by improving acetylcholine function.

Acetylcholine is a learning neurotransmitter that helps us to process, store and retain information.

The more sensitive these receptors are, the better our learning and memory abilities.

Additionally, the stellar ingredient Noopept works by increasing NGF (Nerve Growth Factor) and BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor).

Both of which are proteins that support long-term memory by encouraging the growth of new neurons.

Shilajit Powder

This high-quality potent ingredient is found mostly in the Himalayan mountains is formed by the slow decomposition of plant material paired with the micro-organisms that break it down within the soil.

The main active ingredient in Shilajit powder is fulvic acid.

Fulvic acid has the ability to increase stamina as well as aid muscle adaptation, nutrient adsorption and testosterone production.

The makers of Nitrovit have included Shilajit powder in its supplement to improve your mental clarity, physical energy and aid with cellular repair to keep your mind sharp and focused.

Huperzine A

Huperzine A helps support the health of, and boost the learning neurotransmitter Acetylcholine.

Dating back to the Tang Dynasty, Huperzine A has been used for memory ailments, and to boost slow cognitive functions.

Clinical trials in China have shown Huperzine A to be effective in improving cognitive performance in patients with Alzheimer’s disease and enhancing memory in adolescents complaining of memory inadequacy.

Considered by many to be the most effective nootropic for memory support.

Uridine monophosphate

Uridine monophosphate is an essential building block of RNA (which is DNA’s sister molecule that decodes and regulates the expression of our genes) and plays a key role in many different neurological processes.

It is thought to support short and long term memory retention as well as improving focus and mental clarity.

One of the most amazing benefits of this Nitrovit ingredient is that it increases dopamine levels in the brain without the usual drop off as seen with other supplements that can cause depression.

This means that the brain sees a steady increase in dopamine levels when the supplement is taken regularly.

A study found that introducing Uridine monophosphate into the diet is able to increase learning capacity as well as improving memory.

It is widely considered as the best compound to stack with dopamine boosting supplements as well as with choline supplements to boost memory and brain enhancement benefits.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 plays a major role in cognitive development by producing neurotransmitters – chemicals in the brain that send messages from one nerve to another.

A deficiency in Vitamin B6 is known to cause a weakened immune system, depression and even short-term anaemia.

Several studies have found that a dose of 20-50 mg/day of Vitamin B6 helps to regulate the secretion of serotonin in the brain – a chemical that controls mood.

For women who meet the recommended daily dose of Vitamin B6, pre-menstrual depression can be even effectively reduced.

NITROvit’s formula does not fall short of Vitamin B6, helping you to fulfill your dietary needs and maintain sharper cognitive function.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 helps plays a vital role in the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system.

Similar to Vitamin B6, it aids in cellular metabolism by increasing energy production in the body.

Additionally, Vitamin B12 shows some promise in reducing the likelihood of brain-related diseases associated with aging such as Alzheimer’s.

Due to powerful interactions, Vitamin B6, when paired with Vitamin B12 seemingly works more efficiently at increasing mental alertness.

When there are excess amounts of ALA circulating in our bodies, these compounds begin to act as anti-oxidants – bravely attacking free radicals and other neurotoxins.

Because ALA is soluble in both water and fat, it finds its way through the blood-brain barrier very easily, thus enabling it to reverse the effects of oxidation damage.

In turn, communication between brain neurons improves, therefore improving general thinking speed, aiding with verbal fluency, and even enhancing reaction times and balance.


The most well-known of all of Nitrovit’s 13 ingredients is widely regarded as a compound that improves athletic and cognitive performance.

Taurine is an organic compound found naturally throughout the human body, particularly in the brain, bile, the large intestine and the spinal cord. It accounts for 0.1% of human body weight.

Since its discovery scientists have carried out many tests to get to the bottom of why this is found in our body and what are its benefit.

It turns out Taurine is an amino acid involved in a number of bodily functions including helping the body to protect cells.

Taurine is also a factor in brain development by acting as a building block for new brain cells as well as increasing the survival rate for new neurons as they are created. This is a key component for combating depression.

Nitrovit’s formula has a 150mg dosage for you to increase the effectiveness of taurine within your body.

Macuna Pruriens

Macuna Pruriens or otherwise known as the traditional velvet bean, is a potent herb that for many centuries has been used to improve mood.

In the recent years, however, scientists have brought this compound into laboratories, where it was tested for other potential benefits.

It turns out that Macuna Pruriens works to improve cognitive function in two different ways.

  • Firstly, it contains an active compound called L-Dopa, which helps to increase dopamine release.
  • Secondly, it contains valuable antioxidant properties, which protect neurons from damage and help to prevent age-related cognitive decline.

An increase in dopamine levels not only leads to better moods and a higher sense of pleasure, but it also helps to boost motivation and general learning abilities.

a list of benefits from nootropic brain supplement NITROvit

What Nitrovit Does for You

Nitrovit’s previous formula was very well assessed by us as well as the general public.

To refresh your minds, most people reported feeling a newfound confidence and greater focus level, while a few readers mentioned experiencing better sleeping patterns, vivid dreams and even lucid dreaming.

With Nitrovit’s new formula, we expected results to be equally as good. After doing our usual 90-day trial with it, we received more than we could’ve ever imagined.

Nitrovit gave us some mental enhancement cheats without getting rid of or jeopardizing our natural cognitive state (meaning it didn’t make us anxious, overly robotic, etc.).

Our office members, who need to stay seated in front of a computer screen 8+ hours a day, were thrilled to have experienced laser-sharp focus and higher mental energy.

A few readers who happened to be students reported having faster reading speed and improved verbal fluency.

Another guy praised Nitrovit mostly because of its ability to diminish cognitive fatigue or better known as that 3PM afternoon slump.

In short, Nitrovit delivered its promises and more, giving each user the chance to enhance the smart within.

Before getting yourself a bottle of Nitrovit, know what options you have.

There’s a 30-day Student Pack (1 bottle) sold for $59.97.

This choice is a perfectly fine one, although we would recommend going with the 90-day Quarter Pack (3 bottles) which sells each bottle at only $43.33

Particularly if you’re a student, going with the latter option would save you some major dough.

The company was even nice enough to give us a 20% discount code: NY20, which can be used on their official website: www.projectnooyou.com

The Problem with Nitrovit

No matter how much we scrutinized the product, it’s hard to be critical of the product.

Even the guarantee is a full year!

But, just for the sake of mentioning an aspect that could be improved on, we are simply disappointed that Nitrovit isn’t available on Amazon yet.

It’s got the right formula for any user who wants to excel in life and have a sharper mental edge, plus it’s not overly pricey.

While we didn’t think that Nitrovit could get any better before, we were certainly proven wrong with this new uprated formula.

Make the right decision today and get yourself a bottle!

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