NITROamp Review

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NITROamp is one of Neuro Laboratories’ latest offerings to the market, but not really as a successor to NITROvit, but they’re actually pushing it out as a supplement stack that you take with NITROvit. NITROamp is still in its infancy, though, having only been released for a little over a month, which means that there really isn’t much user opinion and such available on the internet regarding its use.

NITROamp is also advertised as ‘the complete NITROvit experience as it was originally intended’. Apparently, caffeine, which is included in NITROamp was actually supposed to be included in NITROvit, but was taken out to further maximize NITROvit’s overall potency.

NITROamp Ingredients

NITROamp’s formula actually only consists of two ‘key’ ingredients, Caffeine Anhydrous and L-Theanine. It’s apparently for those who already like NITROvit, but would like to furthermore enhance their experience by adding a boost of ‘clean energy.’ This is actually through the special effects that L-Theanine has on Caffeine. While caffeine is a stimulant, L-Theanine contains soothing properties, which allow it to take away the common side effects associated with caffeine like the jitters when you drink too much coffee, increased anxiety, and hypertension tendency at times.

All of this information is also readily available to read on NITROvit’s website, which does a really good job at keeping their users involved and fully informed. Even if you aren’t taking NITROvit, it might be a great idea to head over their website as well, as they do give a very informative read on their ingredients and what nootropics do.

What NITROamp Does for You

NITROamp doesn’t really do a lot for you aside from giving you an extra boost of energy. Where it really shines is when you take it side by side with a nootropic. We often say that we don’t like when caffeine is included in a brain pill formula, but that is because of the fact that when it’s included, that’s 100-200mg of real estate that could be better dedicated to brain enhancing ingredients. Additionally, those who aren’t tolerant to the effects of caffeine will have issues as well. However, caffeine and brain pills aren’t really bad together. And especially in this case, where an incredibly potent brain enhancer, NITROvit, can get supplemented or ‘boosted’ even further with the effects of caffeine.

NITROamp really does boost energy for those who are already on NITROvit, and even for those who take other brain enhancers as well. Notably, the effects are greater where the brain pills is more potent. And thankfully, there are no side effects.

The Problem with NITROamp

This simple two-ingredient formula, although a no-brainer, actually does a lot for those who are already on brain enhancers. Some people claim that NITROamp works best when stacked with NITROvit, but we believe that it can be easily be stacked with an equally potent brain enhancer like Biohack Pure as well. There really are no problems with NITROamp, and again, a splendid addition from Neuro Laboratories, showing a company that still truly cares.

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