Neuro NRG Review

Neuro NRG ReviewUnlike most of the other brain pills that we’ve reviewed here on Brain Pill Advisor, NeuroNRG is a stimulant.

If you’ve been on Innovex Nutrition’s website, browsing and reading through the information before deciding on a purchase, close that website right now, as most of the information on there is garbage.

Despite their claims on NeuroNRG being a cognitive enhancer and a nootropic, it is not.

NeuroNRG is a stimulant, and we can see why in its formula and the ingredients therein.

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It’s also available on Amazon, but we believe that if you want to go that way, it would be best to stay away from the customer reviews as well, as that is also littered with lies.

Simply look at the ratio of positive to negative reviews and you will understand what we’re talking about.

If you’ve had a look, you’ll know what we’re talking about.

It’s very peculiar that almost all of their reviews are 5 out of 5 stars, and we believe that this can be explained by being falsely written reviews.

NeuroNRG Ingredients

Back to NeuroNRG’s ingredients – we mentioned that they are garbage, and when you actually take a closer look, you’ll understand why.

It’s only mainly caffeine, and although there are a few nootropic ingredients in there as well, they are few, and our tests on NeuroNRG have even concluded that these ‘few’ are really ‘tiny’.

NeuroNRG is nothing more than a glorified caffeine pill.

While this isn’t at all a bad thing, when you look at the price for which NeuroNRG retails at ($49.99), it becomes extremely simply to see what the fuss is all about.

First of all, it’s a caffeine pill masquerading as a nootropic.

Secondly, it’s even priced as much, and higher than some other more effective nootropics out there on the market.

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What NeuroNRG Does for You
There really isn’t too much to say about NeuroNRG. We ordered a bottle, and after a few weeks of testing it, we concluded that it really did not do much more than what you would achieve by drinking two cups of coffee.

All of the claims on its website – of improved brain function, of enhanced mental focus, of sharper thinking and cognition, of improved concentration, and of enhanced energy and alertness – were nowhere to be found.

There was possibly a slight increase in focus, and a little more energy, but it was not anything that a cup of coffee could not achieve.

There were also side effects. These included increased heart rate and anxiety – it wasn’t pleasant.

The Problem with NeuroNRG
The biggest problem with NeurooNRG is probably their whole attitude towards brain enhancement. It seems as if they think that stimulant use is the way to go.

However, this badly reflects their company as a while.

This might be one of two things: they have not done enough research and do not know which ingredients actually work best, or, they’re trying to make a ‘brain enhancer’ with the largest amount of profit through the use of cheap ingredients like caffeine.

Whatever the case, avoid NeuroNRG at all costs. You certainly aren’t going to like it.

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