Neuro-Natural Recall Review

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Neuro-Natural Recall is xtendlife’s offering to the market, but while it does act in some way towards a more positive brain, it isn’t exactly the same as what you would expect from most modern nootropics or those found more commonly. Instead of just being a nootropic, it also tries to double as a multivitamin and mineral, as well as a few other functions.

While most other nootropics take a larger focus on focus and concentration, as well as optimizing your brain in every single way possible, Neuro-Natural Recall tries to achieve similar, yet slightly different results, by putting a higher emphasis on memory enhancement and reversing brain degradation most often associated with aging, such as dementia and other brain-related diseases.

Neuro-Natural Recall Ingredients

As mentioned, Neuro-Natural Recall actually works a little bit differently, and this largely due to the type of ingredients it uses in its formula. It utilizes a sort of ‘all-in-one’ formula that encompasses a number of different substances and ingredients, ranging from vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, as well as other unconventional ingredients as well. All of this is included along with a nootropic formula. All in all, Neuro-Natural Recall has almost fifty (50) different ingredients available in its formula – and with this, comes a problem.

The problem to this is actually two-fold. Firstly, there is only so much room in one capsule or pill, meaning by including as many ingredients as they are using in one tiny pill, the individual ingredients included are extremely impotent. Secondly, since each individual ingredient is impotent in the formula, the formula as a whole will either lose its effectiveness, or require multiple dosages in a day. This is evident in Neuro-Natural Recall’s directions for use, where it is required to take 6 tablets per day. This is incredibly inconvenient.

What Neuro-Natural Recall Does for You

Despite our complaints and our problems with Neuro-Natural Recall, at the end of the day, it really depends on how well it really works – and to our surprise, it worked quite well. The effects were not only on our memory, but even on our focus and concentration – which were really very evident after the first day of use. Additionally, we did feel a whole lot more ‘reenergized’ and ‘revitalized’, and this is probably due to the effects of the vitamins included in the formula.

However, there were also drawbacks – one of which was that the Neuro-Natural Recall was very inconvenient to take, especially on its dosage and the difficulty of actually keeping to having to take it 6 times a day.In our experience, it was incredibly easy to miss a dosage, and then frustrate about having missed it later.

The Problem with Neuro-Natural Recall

Neuro-Natural Recall, despite our annoyances with its ingredients managed to impress us. While it is in no way among the ranks of the best available out there, it’s far from the worst. Neuro-Natural recall also helps as a multivitamin, but we can’t feel but cheated in that we’re paying a large amount of money for a brain pill, when basically, without all the multivitamins, it would only really take 2-3 pills max per day in dosage. Additionally, multivitamins are incredibly cheap – like $10.It might be cheaper to buy a month’s supply of the best brain pill available out there and stack it with a multivitamin that to take Neuro-Natural Recall.

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