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Neuro Clear is made by BioSynergy, a company that makes and markets a wide variety of herbal supplements and extracts in capsule form. Some of the ingredients in Neuro Clear include vitamin C, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, and vitamin B12. The list goes on much longer, but it is a pretty typical list of vitamins and minerals. Neuro Clear is really a super vitamin, in that there are over 30 ingredients packed into one pill. There are some tea extracts, ginger root, and vinpocetine as well. These ingredients are the ones which classify Neuro Clear along with other super vitamins and certain herbal brain pills.

Neuro Clear Ingredients

Neuro Clear’s list of ingredients include quite a lot of vitamins and minerals – something that we’re not extremely fond of, especially due to the fact that more ingredients means less potency. However, one more thing to consider is the fact that vitamins are relatively cheap. With the high price of a nootropic, you wouldn’t want half of your pill being extremely cheap multivitamins, would you? However, that said, Neuro Clear also contains a number of good brain enhancing ingredients. ALCAR, Taurine, Vinpocetine, to name a few.

Interestingly, DMAE is also included in their formula, and although a good nootropic in its overall effects on the brain’s cognitive functions, note that it is banned in Canada and Australia, with bans in other countries pending as well. Apparently, there have been some research studies out there that suggest a link between DMAE and cell death.

What Neuro Clear Does for You

Neuro Clear was tested by our group of five participants who came by the office to pick up the free samples of this supplement that we provided. They were told to take it twice daily for 60 days. As with all of our clinical tests, they reported after 1 week, 1 month, and 2 months. The effects of the supplement were measured according to other supplements, and we gave our final review score for Neuro Clear.

After a week, we found out that Neuro Clear didn’t really hold much nootropic effects. This held out for a while, then offering a slight increase over the course of 2 months. There were only marginal boosts in the brain’s ability to process information, as well as the brain’s ability to focus. There were no increases in learning ability.

The Problem with Neuro Clear

Neuro Clear only found favorable results from 3 out of 10 of the participants in the study. We attribute this lack of effectiveness to the fact that Neuro Clear has over 30 ingredients in it. This means that the quantities of each are far too small. We calculated that people would have to take 10 of these per day to see positive results. To be honest, that doesn’t really do any justice to it. Neuro Clear had an interesting concept of trying to be a supervitamin, but it fell short. It might just work if it were split into 3 or 4 different supplements, but as a whole, Neuro Clear is lacking.

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