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Master Review: A great standalone Nootropic so why is it marketed for Musicians

Why is Master targeted at musicians?

Because the CEO initially created the Master formula before it was called Master for himself.

To help him learn his music both better and faster.

But really what the CEO has developed is a Nootropic for anyone seeking a cognitive boosting Nootropic.

You just need to see past the branding for musicians.

As its marketing might be the only thing keeping it from being seen as a top Nootropic for Nootropic users seeking cognitive enhancement.

So, in this Review we will check out if there’s two sides to this Nootropic like a Jekyll and Hyde, great for musicians and great for Nootropic users?

women playing the violin

What is Noosician Master? A Nootropic is for Musicians and Nootropic users

As previously mentioned, the new company is called Noosician.

Just by the name its clear to see this company is for musicians.

And its clear the company wants to help musicians and that’s a plus as Nootropic companies that care about its users are few and far between.

Yet I can’t help but think branding towards musicians might scare off non musicians.

And although I’ve been openly saying for the past year that musicians could benefit greatly from Nootropics there’s really not a huge market full of musicians wanting a Nootropic to help them with their music.

So, it seems the CEO must be confident that musicians just don’t know yet that they need Nootropics too.

Maybe the CEO and Noosician will help musicians realise.

But CEO has made it clear as a Nootropic user himself that Master will also work as simply a cognitive enhancer for even the most seasoned Nootropic users.

And we tend to agree, with high powerful dosages and a 40-ingredient formula full of memory and focus enhancing ingredients we have no doubt this is for non-musicians too.

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The Effects of Master

Master is a true cognitive enhancer which focuses on improving your memory, focus and learning capacity to help you better study.

Since Master is aimed at musicians, I will use the example it can help you learn your music.

But for non-musicians it can help aid you in studying and learning anything whether that’s school work or the lines you have prepared for that work presentation next week.

Master will really help you perform at your best mentally through out the day which can make your days enjoyable again.

Finally, Master helps defend the brain against oxidizing cell damage.

Master Review: The ingredient

Finally, a Formula that matches and blends lots of different ingredients!

Exactly 40 selected ingredients that are all scientifically researched.

(Master is made in an FDA registered facility that is compliant to GMP rules)

Master's memory supplement supplement fact sheet

Green Tea extract

With Masters claims of being able to defend against oxidizing in the brain Green tea extract was an ingredient we needed to see.

It has been shown that green tea extract contains antioxidants which are believed to protect our brain cells from oxidative stress.

This added protection can help reduce mental decline and the chances of getting brain diseases associated with memory loss like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

So Green tea is an amazing Nootropic ingredient that can potentially stop your memory from declining in function and capacity.

In one study a group of people who drank a soft drink containing high levels of green tea extract showed increased function and improved task performance.

Oxidative stress- is an imbalance of antioxidants in the body which can lead to cell tissue damage.

Green tea extract in a white bowl

Bacopa extract

We were not surprised to see the involvement of bacopa as this ingredient has been used in traditional medicine for years.

And now also modern medication and is used to help treat Alzheimer’s and even used to improve memory capabilities.

As Bacopa is believed to increase brain chemicals that are involved in thinking and learning.

So, since Master claims to improve memory and learning capabilities Bacopa is a must ingredient as it is believed to do just that.

Bacopa purple flower


NALT is a do it all amino acid that is believed to improve memory, focus and concentration.

So high dosages of this ingredient will have you performing at your best throughout the day.

This amino acid does this by producing dopamine, thyroid hormones, adrenaline and melanin.

4 very important chemicals in our body with dopamine being the chemical that controls our feel-good centre.

One study that highlighted the qualities of NALT was a recent studied that showed individuals with high levels of NALT had a better working memory during mentally demanding tasks.

NALT in chemical symbol

Master Dosage and consumption Instructions

1038mg per daily serving.

3 capsules a day.

For the best results take one before the 3 major meals of the day breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Master doesn’t need to be consumed with food and no break from the pill is required.

But breaking from the pill will also cause zero problems.

My experience with Master

Before I explain my experience with Master, I have already explained how I’m not a musician so I had a friend outside of the office who plays the guitar test them for 2 weeks and just provide me with a small summary.

I was trying this from the perspective of a regular Nootropic user because I was so curious to see if this only worked for musicians.

And the branding aimed at musicians didn’t deter me because one look at the formula and its evident that Master is a cognitive enhancer.

The CEO even explains how this isn’t just for musicians.

The first impression I got from Master is it’s an extremely fast acting Nootropic thanks to the inclusion of Huperzine A which works at its best within an hour of consumption.

So Immediately felt focus as I headed to work.

And the day went by and I noticed mild memory improvement in little aspects of my day.

But it was really only mid-week when Master started to impress me but equally unimpressed me.

As I can’t argue with the claims of Master, I was performing at a top level mentally and I saw a real improvement in my memory specifically remembering things but I was plagued with headaches from Masters high dosage.

But the headaches were always very brief and never painful I would maybe go as far as saying irritating like having a fly in your room and hearing it buzz all day.

Once you the headaches stop and you get use to the high dosages Master really is something special it offers powerful improvements to your focus and memory that will have anyone performing at their best throughout the day.

Master really is for everyone!!!

The experience from a musician

Wow!! As a musician I will be recommending this to all my friends.

Learning Music was so much easier, even my music teacher who I pay too much for said “have you been using another teacher as well because I don’t see you enough for your ability to learn music to be so great, your learning has improved out of nowhere”

Master is a Nootropic I will be using for a very long time.

Man playing a guitar

Master Review: The potential side effects

Side effects I experienced only included headaches but with such high dosages stomach aches and dizziness could be possible side effects.

If you experience any of these symptoms, I would recommend having a short break from Master.

Or limit the number of capsules you consume in a day possibly go from 3 to 2.

Because even at just two capsules it’s a good dosage amount in which you will still feel the effects.

Where’s the best place to buy Master: From Noosician

Unfortunately, Noosician is not on amazon or eBay its exclusively sold from the company website Noosician.

The 30-day supply of Master is $49 which we believe for the benefits you will reap is a justifiable price, it’s not the cheapest but it’s far from the most expensive.

Plus, on all Noosician products there is a 1-year guarantee so if it doesn’t work for you can get your money back.

Noosician also sells multi packs which include Master and two other products Sleep and Perform.

Sleep is a sleeping aid Nootropic.

Perform is a Nootropic developed to help its users perform at their highest level specifically musicians.

Final Verdict from Our Noosician Review:

A great standalone Nootropic that is also a great introduction for musicians to the world of Nootropics.