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76-66Lucidal is a pretty interesting brain enhancer in that it’s actually being fronted and endorsed by a board certified neurosurgeon, ‘trained in physics’. It’s very seldom now when a pharmaceutical company actually boasts a person behind their ‘secret formula’, and is usually just a bunch of nootropic hardcore fans, or in the case of SmartX, a student, that create a formula. For Lucidal and the growingly popular Nitrovit, it seems that this is not the case.

Companies like these are one to marvel at, since they’re able to come in and enter the market at a reasonably better standing, due to the support of a professional. In the case of Lucidal, their Dr. Larry McCleary has obviously been able to do his research behind their formula as he is a recognized leader in neurosurgery, who has spent a lot of time in research and medical analysis.

Still, though, why is Lucidal’s formula considered much inferior to the many other brain pills available on the market? Across many other review sites, Lucidal has either been a hit or miss, with many chiming in to its success, while many also holding negative feedback towards it. We were able to test it for a little over a month, and the results weighed in.

What Lucidal Does for You

What was most noticeable about Lucidal was the amount of ingredients that we found on the back of the bottle, which led us to believe that it was a little different than what it seemed to be. Many other sites also talked about this, as a problem with Lucidal – mostly that the amount of ingredients they had should have been a lot less, where Lucidal is simply a glorified multivitamin.

That wasn’t the case, though, as with our tests. Lucidal brings you a slight buzz, with a steady dose of focus and concentration. We found that our productivity levels also increased slightly, and there was also a certain level of clarity in thinking. The effects, overall, were okay, and despite the fact Lucidal did have a lot of ingredients, it wasn’t too bad at all. The effects we got from Lucidal were still substantially better than many others out there.

Additionally, we felt no side effects from Lucidal, aside from a slight headache and fatigue towards the end of the day.

The Problem with Lucidal

Honestly, we couldn’t really find any problem with Lucidal. While most were berating it due to its outrageous amount of ingredients, it really wasn’t as bad as they said. In fact, we kind of really liked Lucidal. Its effects, while not as potent as some others out there like Biohack Pure and Nitrovit, was still good enough to notice. Lucidal increases your concentration and focus substantially, yet the effects are quite subtle. Lucidal comes at a reasonable price, and for what it’s worth, it should still be up for consideration. Whether or not it is the best you can get for your money is a completely different thing. There are better out there for a better value.

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