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Instant ATT is another nootropic supplement in the game that hopes to provide “clearer thinking, increased focus and a shaper mind.” The manufacturers have assured us that Instant ATT’s ingredients were chosen and “formulated with perfection.” Well, we just hope they know how tough the competition is in this industry! With a good, informative review site that provides customer testimonials, an ingredients list and detailed contact information, we’re not off to such a bad start after all.


Ingredients in Instant ATT

Ones that caught our attention the most were:

  • Ginkgo Biloba: Ginkgo never fails to put a smile on our faces. Although clinical trials on the compound have shown contradicting results, our personal experiences tell us that ginkgo continues to be an effective focus booster. This ancient super-herb may seem complex at first but in reality it works on the body in quite a simple manner. It basically helps with blood flow stimulation, which in turn boosts brain function and concentration abilities.
  • N-Acetyl-L Carnitine: This bad boy is quite popular in the fitness supplement world as an ingredient that can help reduce fatigue and support weight management. However, recent findings show that N-Acetyl-L Carnitine or ALCAR for short contains brain-enhancing benefits. ALCAR is sometimes used to get rid of annoying brain fog and bring about better focus.


What Instant ATT Does for You

Out of all the promises that Instant ATT has made, the one that really came through was clearer thinking, or as we like to call it increased mental alertness/energy. Don’t get us wrong, for the first few days it felt great to be on Instant ATT. Who wouldn’t want a little extra juice power for the brain? Overtime, however, this oomph of energy or alertness wasn’t anything worth getting hysterical over.

The consumers who posted reviews online seem to have differing thoughts to each other. One user said: “Didnt work for me it actually made me a bit moody and didnt give me any enhancing effects at all. It even gave me mild headaches,” but another who bought the product only a few months earlier wrote: “…after eight consecutive days of taking these supplements I felt a jolt of focus and retention when listening to others.”


The Problem with Instant ATT

Instant ATT doesn’t really have a problem, except for the fact that it doesn’t perform quite as well as our preferred nootropic supplement, Nitrovit. This was a little bit of a surprise considering the fact that the formula does contain decent nootropic compounds such as Vinpocetine and Huperzine A. Pardon the cynical thinking but because all the ingredients have been listed under proprietary blend, maybe the manufacturers have purposely included low dosages, leading to mild results.

If you’re in the market specifically wanting to boost mental energy (and pretty much nothing else), then Instant ATT would be worth considering. The price of the product is definitely not bad and would be considered affordable when compared to overpriced nootropic stacks. However, since it mainly delivers a boost of mental alertness, we think a simple (and much cheaper) caffeine + L-theanine stack can do just the trick. So there’s all that to consider and of course, the fact that the formula contains DMAE, an FDA banned substance. Yikes!


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