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GNC Inositol is a branded version of the substance inositol. Inositol is useful for those looking to improve the communication between brain receptors. Inositol also helps fight liver disease and other ailments. It is found naturally in raisins, cantaloupe, and some nuts, but if you are not eating a diet rich in these foods, then GNC Inositol might just be a good choice for you, with the overall benefits it produces in mind. GNC Inositol used to be available in powder form, where it was sold in 2.0 ounce bottles. However, according to the GNC website, it is not available anymore. In its place, GNC now has GNC Inositol capsules, sold in quantities of 100 pills per bottle. GNC Inositol is a good option because it is affordable – 100 pills costs just $12.

GNC Inositol is a fairly mild brain supplement, so we did not expect to see amazing results. However, we did expect GNC Inositol to live up to its reputation as being a good substance for the brain and for sleep. Sometimes we forget how important sleep can be for all of us, and how closely sleep is tied to good brain health. Many articles and studies published in scientific journals can attest to this.

GNC Inositol Ingredients

It should be noted that GNC Inositol is made up of the myo variety of inositol. This form of the substance is not able to be digested and absorbed by 100% of people, so some people switch to GNC Inositol alternatives that contain the already converted d-chiro inositol, which is more readily absorbed by the body.

However, on that note, you should know that Inositol is the ONLY ingredient in GNC Inositol. Therefore, if you’re actually looking for a nootropic, or something that can drastically improve brain function, you just might be looking in the wrong place. Although inositol aids in brain function and aids quite a lot on brain disorders, it still holds no aid in focus, productivity, or learning abilities, which some of the exceptional nootropics out there offer.

 What GNC Inositol Does for You

GNC Inositol was tested in the readily available pill form, and we lined up quite a few people from the office to take it for 2 months each. We supplied the supplements for free to these people, and required them to come into the lab after the first week, the first month, and at the end of the 2 month trial, for evaluation.

GNC Inositol ended up being a pretty good brain supplement, as around a quarter of us who tested GNC Inositol came back with good results just after the first week with positive changes in focus, concentration, and sleep. After the first month, even more reported improvements, and at the end of the entire term, a little over half reported improvements in most of these areas of brain function. At greater than a 50% success rate, we thought that GNC Inositol was a fairly effective brain supplement.

 The Problem with GNC Inositol

GNC Inositol is much cheaper than other forms of inositol. This is because GNC Inositol is the myo variety while the expensive versions are the DCI variety. However, we still won’t be able to discount what we were able to find during our testing of the product. It was quite remarkable that a lot of us still chimed in with positive results. Although not strictly a nootropic, there are still quite a few benefits to be gained from GNC Inositol. We recommend that you try it first, and measure the results so that you can determine if your body can convert GNC Inositol to a useful substance.

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