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Focus Fast is actually quite a popular brain enhancer that we just managed to overlook in our list. It’s grown vastly in popularity over the last few years, and to a certain extent, that might be largely due to the several different platforms that they’ve managed to conquer, allowing them to distribute their products much more easily. That’s the dream of every supplement company, isn’t it – to one day sign a contract with GNC or Vitamin Shoppe to get maximum exposure?

In any case, Focus Fast has been able to partner up with not only GNC and Vitamin Shoppe, but also Vitamin World and, allowing them to really get their hooks into the market.

Focus Fast Ingredients

Focus Fast has A LOT of ingredients in its formula, a majority of which are further hidden from view by being put in a ‘proprietary blend’. This means that although we’re able to talk about some notable ingredients, it will be very difficult to go further into detail, because each specific ingredient’s actual weight in the formula is not really listed.

Focus Fast contains Ginkgo, Phosphatidylserine, DMAE, Alpha GPC, and Acetyl L-Carnitine, as well as several other ingredients. However, that’s where Focus Fast really falls short – it has simply included way too many ingredients to actually show enough potency that is worth mentioning.

What Focus Fast Does for You

While Focus Fast does inherently work, as what we’ve experienced with a few weeks of testing, it isn’t really all that potent, and the effects aren’t as pronounced as some of the other brain enhancers that we’ve tried before. There were mild boosts in focus and mental clarity, but aside from that, Focus Fast didn’t do much else. Again, this goes back to the amount of ingredients Focus Fast has. Remember, something that tried to do everything is usually not great at one specific thing.

The Problem with Focus Fast

This is proof that just because a product is adopted by many different supplement chains that it isn’t always necessarily the best. While it does boast very far reach, the results aren’t exactly optimal. However, this goes back to the use of ingredients in Focus Fast’s formula – of which it isn’t the exact materials used, but more of a case of the small weights per ingredient. That doesn’t mean Focus Fast is a bad product, though – in no way are we implying that. However, it could be a lot better.

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