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Focus Boost is a relatively newer brain supplement that has recently seen a rise in popularity on the market. It is easy to recognize from its red and white color scheme and slick web design. They obviously have a very professional online appearance, which made us feel a lot more comfortable ordering from the website.

It looks like Focus Boost is trying to market itself as an Adderall alternative. It really seems to be a good alternative to ADD drugs like Adderall or Vyvanse. This is apparent with their branding – and come on, “focus boost” as a focus pill? A little bit tacky, but that’s beyond us.

One of the few things that we immediately liked about Focus Boost off the bat was its easy explanation regarding how it works. It’s basically a holistic blend of nutrients that by strengthening the neurotransmitters in the brain, promotes energy, focus (well, duh?), memory, and mental acuity.

Focus Boost Ingredients

For a minute, let’s forget all of that and look at what is actually in Focus Boost. There are some pretty good ingredients in here such as bacopa, vinpocetine, and GABA. We know that GABA in the right form gets through the blood-brain barrier and into the brain to stimulate certain receptors in the brain. This really works in its favor in that it makes Focus Boost’s effects all the more potent and long-lasting.

However, beyond that, it seems that Focus Boost has utilized caffeine in its formula as well. While this may be a good thing for increasing focus, Focus Boost is quite the expensive supplement, and caffeine can be rather cheap. Additionally, most people get their daily caffeine boosts from coffee anyway. We don’t completely agree with that part of the formula, but for now, it’s only that one point.

One thing to note is that while caffeine isn’t exactly a nootropic per se, the addition of just one ingredient, L-Theanine, can completely turn that around. L-Theanine has a special relationship with caffeine in that it not only enhances the effects you already normally get from it – namely, increased focus, alertness, and problem-solving capacity – but it also takes away those nasty side effects that come with caffeine.

One thing that we would have liked to see on Focus Boost’s website though, was a supplement facts label, showing the exact amounts and dosages of each ingredient. Without the supplement facts label, we were forced to guesstimate what was in Focus Boost until the bottle finally arrived on our doorstep.

What Focus Boost Does for You

When it finally arrived a few days later, you could say we were quite excited to give it a try, and had quite high expectations for its effects. Well, it did not fail. Most of our experiences were fairly positive, and most of us were able to notice a positive difference in our abilities to focus. We have to say that we believe that this surge of focus was mostly due to caffeine, as it wasn’t the same distinct type of focus that we could normally feel from most nootropics.

That wasn’t all too bad though. Again, caffeine is a pretty good substance when done right – and the effects we felt from caffeine were really positive. Our only beef with the matter was that with continued usage, we noticed that we were crashing more and more towards the end of the day having taken Focus Boost.

All the same though, we put praise on Focus Boost because it did not give us any other side effects like the jitters and anxiety, like other supplements that pack guarana seed extract in it. This leads us to believe that the people behind this actually had put a lot of effort into its formula, and with just a few minor tweaks, Focus boost can become the nootropic it wants to be.

Needless to say, at the moment, Focus Boost has a mild amount of caffeine that helps get instant results for those who take it.

While we did notice an increase in sharpness and overall metal capabilities, we have to note that these added nootropic benefits from Focus Boost’s other ingredients seemed to stop at the same time that we would experience the caffeine crashes.

The Problem with Focus Boost

Focus Boost is a good all-around supplement for those needing to get a boost in their cognitive performance. The price is higher than similar pills at $120 for a month’s supply, but the presentation is much better than most – and to some people, that does matter. This is one we would recommend to a friend who needs an alternative to Adderall or just someone who is looking to increase their abilities at work. As an overall nootropic, it did not do so well in terms of increasing memory. But all the same, we were in a state of focus and productivity.

It is also less harsh than the pills in the racetam family as well. For people looking for a pretty good solution to their ability to focus, look into Focus Boost.
Again, the caffeine boost is great for those who want it, but those intolerant to it should probably steer clear. Nevertheless, we still recommend the addition of “L-Theanine” to get rid of the caffeine crashes, but aside from that, Focus Boost is A-OK!

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