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From time and time again, we come again to a product that we’ve been asked to review: Evo Pill. The reason behind why we haven’t reviewed Evo Pill being that we’ve been a little put off by it. Why? Well, just looking at its website, we were pretty much put down by its lack of details and overall difficulty to navigate. We believe that small details like this often highlight a company’s dedication to their product (in this case, Evo Pill), and we’ve seen many like Evo Pill who have substandard websites produce the same results – a substantially lacking brain pill.

We’ve seen quite a lot of newer brain enhancers popping up lately. However, we often find that the competition is becoming fiercer and fiercer. A simple website selling a simple brain pill isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Unfortunately for Evo Pill, we’ve seen quite a lot of reviews out there claim that it’s nothing more than a caffeine pill.

Evo Pill Ingredients

It took us quite a while to actually be able to find Evo Pill’s ingredients. Normally, a transparent pharmaceutical company would display their supplement facts label on their website. You’d want to know what was on the pill, before ordering one, right? Well, it actually took around 30 minutes of devout research to be able to uncover what was in this Evo Pill. Sadly, we weren’t impressed.

While its supplement facts label can lead one to believe that it is a brain enhancer, closer inspection will actually tell you that they have the numbers all wrong. All the nootropic ingredients that they’ve included were included in incredibly small amounts, giving way for a mega dose of Bee Pollen. Although Bee Pollen has been scientifically tested in a number of clinical trials, it has been suggested that not enough substantial evidence that can support Bee Pollen’s effects on the brain. Why they didn’t simply go for a more traditional formula – we didn’t know.

What Evo Pill Does for You

Despite everyone’s reluctance, we ultimately decided to order Evo Pill to test it out. We were sadly, quite disappointed, though, as it took a little over 8 days for Evo Pill to deliver to our front door. In contrast, most other brain enhancers that we’ve ordered arrived within 3 days. Opening the box, we weren’t impressed either – the bottle itself looked tacky and unimpressive, just like their website.

To be honest, even having purchased Evo Pill already, a lot of us didn’t want to take it. Fortunately, there were a handful of volunteers.

Apparently, Evo Pill didn’t really do anything for our bold volunteers. Reports were flat-lined almost immediately, and it didn’t pick up until around the second week of usage. From then, our volunteers claimed that it was nothing more than an energy booster, as they felt no substantial effects to their memory or focus. Eventually, we also had to stop our testing short, due to the onset of some caffeine-related side effects, such as heart palpitations and increased blood pressure. These side effects were not present in all volunteers, but still affected a significant amount.

The Problem with Evo Pill

This isn’t really a simple question to answer. There is a lot of wrong in Evo Pill, and it starts with their substandard website, lacking detail and organization – and more importantly, a supplement facts label. However, this is just the beginning. We weren’t all too happy about the ingredients that they’ve selected to include in their formula either. Where they could have used more reliable ingredients, they’ve devoted a majority of real estate to Bee Pollen – which lacks in scientific research to prove its effectiveness on the brain. Even as we ordered Evo Pill, we weren’t completely satisfied with their packaging, and the fact that it took so long for our orders to arrive. When we come to the results, there are none. In line with customer reviews, we are sad to say that Evo Pill, is in fact, more like a caffeine pill. Furthermore, even at that, they fall short – failing to include an ingredient such as L-Theanine that can counter caffeine’s side effects.

Evo Pill might be a new upcoming brain enhancer, but this just simply shows that new does not always mean game-changing or groundbreaking. It really takes innovation and a dedication to the overall user experience that allows a product to g row. In the vast ocean of brain enhancers, we’ll see sharks and we’ll see codfish. Evo Pill is the codfish.

Site Score: 3.4 User Score: 3.7 Website

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