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Elebra Review

Price: $19.95 (10 servings) x 3 = $59.85 for a month

There is an interesting nootropic supplement that is available online called Elebra. The thing is, Elebra is not designed to be a stand-alone solution like certain ADD medications like Adderall and Vyvanse. Instead, Elebra is supposed to be taken in conjunction with other supplements and foods. This is confirmed by the maker’s own website and product description, as well as the reviews we found on Amazon.

Elebra’s makers are quite proud of these reviews – in fact, a little too proud – and they are featured prominently on the Elebra website. Amazon is still a pretty reliable place to be unbiased review information, so it seems like Elebra is banking on its reputation on Amazon more than anything. At the moment, it has around 100 reviews with an averaged review score of 4 out of 5 stars. Not a bad rating, to be sure. However, does this reputation stand up to actual testing? Read below to find out.

 Elebra Ingredients

Elebra claims to be an excellent choice for people simply interested in brain health. Elebra is not really geared towards high performance seekers who are going to try anything; instead, Elebra is a mild brain vitamin, with over 20 ingredients. After seeing that there was such a high number of ingredients, we expected Elebra to be physically the size of an Easter egg! How can they possibly put 20 ingredients – at quantities that actually make a difference – into a standard size pill?

 The answer to this question is that they cannot. Elebra’s 20 ingredients are found in such small amounts that they had little effect on any of us here at the office. We’ll get to that in a bit, though. The problem that most manufacturers fail to see is that, when they create a pill or capsule that tries to encompass as many ingredients as it can, it suffers a loss in potency. Most of the time, this means that the ingredients that matter the most also lose their effectiveness as well. Furthermore, multivitamins, for example, are extremely cheap. With the high prices of nootropics, how would you feel if 50% of the money you put in were going into cheap vitamins?

 What Elebra Does for You

We had 10 people testing Elebra, and after the first week, only 1 in 10 felt a difference in focus. After 1 month, 2 out of 10 reported a difference in focus, and after the full 2 month period, the same 2 out of 10 felt a difference. Of course, in our study, those of us who were taking Elebra were strictly only taking that supplement as to have the most objective view and prevent fluctuations caused by other supplements. We were pretty disappointed with Elebra’s performance. We expected it to work better than it did – it did not.

The Problem with Elebra

When compared to the other leading nootropic supplements available out there on the market, Elebra doesn’t really cut it. Only 2 out of our 10 people noticed any difference at all, which indicates that the ingredients in Elebra are in such small quantities that most people’s bodies cannot completely utilize them in a way that will promote benefits in cognitive performance. Probably, Elebra’s best bet would be to drastically reduce the amount of ingredients in its formula, and keep fingers crossed. After all, it is doing a pretty good job anyway, according to the reviews we’ve read. However, based on what we’ve experienced with it, we can’t really recommend it. If you are looking for something stronger than just a multivitamin, do not buy Elebra, and keep looking elsewhere.

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