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Our review of Mantis Laboratories’ Doxiderol was actually set to come out last week. However, due to the immense amount of people requesting for an Evo Pill review, we reviewed that one first. So here it is.

Doxiderol has grown immensely popular over the last few years since its release (but really, who hasn’t?). From its beginnings, it’s managed to steal quite a few people from Excelerol with its very similar name. It claims to be able to let its users focus, remember, and concentrate. However, just like Excelerol, Doxiderol has been receiving quite a lot of heat in the last few months, mainly to the rise of review sites like this, who point out Doxiderol’s flaws.

We’ve examined and analyzed Doxiderol in the last couple of months, and we have seen some things that you might just not like.

Doxiderol Ingredients

Looking for Doxiderol’s ingredients was similar to looking for a needle in a haystack. It was honestly quite difficult, as we had to search for it for a while on the internet, as it was apparently not available on their website. Or it might have been, but the fact that we weren’t able to find it just means that they didn’t want it to be found.

Examining Doxiderol’s ingredients, we were able to find that Doxiderol was quite a potent brain enhancer. It contained only 8 ingredients, similar to Biohack Pure. Then again, what should be noted is that where Biohack Pure had 8 potent nootropic ingredients, Doxiderol has 5, in addition to 3 vitamins. On top of that, Doxiderol’s ingredients were placed in a proprietary blend, meaning that we weren’t able to see the specific dosages of each nootropic ingredient.

While we can’t say we were completely disappointed, Doxiderol’s formula was quite quirky.

What Doxiderol Does for You

We ordered Doxiderol for the whole office to try, and we were quite amazed at the results. Immediately after we started using Doxiderol, there was a intense surge of focus and productivity that rocked the office. It was literally silent in there. You could hear a pen drop from the other side of the room. Additionally, Doxiderol also offered substantial boosts too to clarity of mind and overall attention to detail. Some of us were very quick to pick up on errors and things that just weren’t right.

However, some of us felt that that attention to detail was a bit too intense at times. In some cases, some of us couldn’t help but feel being a little anal (excuse my French). This was worse in some days than others, to the point that some of us were simply unable to do work, reiterating proposals and memos a ridiculous number of times.

There were no long term results with Doxiderol, though. There were no learning enhancements, or better memory recall, as far as we could observe. Some of the effects that we experienced in the first few weeks also seemed to subside over time. It was frankly a bit disappointing.

The Problem with Doxiderol

Well, Doxiderol simply didn’t impress us. It was good for a small portion of our testing, however, after the effects subsided, we noticed no long-term effects. Doxiderol has a few great things about it, though: It has an extremely potent formula, it does well in terms of immediate benefits, and its ingredients are great. However, there’s still a lot that Doxiderol can improve on: first of all, they might want to include their ingredients on their official website, secondly, they should take the vitamins out of their ingredients, and opt for more potent nootropic ingredients, and thirdly, Mantis Laboratories might want to consider changing Doxiderol’s name into something less “-erol” – we have enough of those.

Doxiderol might be causing a lot of negative reviews, but that’s expected, and should only hint at the fact that they have some work to do in terms of optimizing their product. Doxiderol is a good potent brain enhancer. However, if it ever wishes to join the ranks of Biohack Pure and NITROvit, in terms of overall effectiveness in relation to potency, it needs to step up its game big time.

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