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Brain Stack is a relatively newer brain enhancer that we’ve just discovered recently when we were researching and analyzing another more popular brain enhancer, Alpha Brain. Brain Stack, apparently, has been greatly compared and analyzed in comparison to Alpha Brain, which has caused quite a hubbub on the internet. Some reviews claim that Brain Stack is better than Alpha Brain. However, evidence still shows that Alpha Brain still boasts quite a large customer base – much larger to that of Brain Stack’s.

Despite this, Brain Stack has attracted quite a lot of attention on the internet, being under the spotlight of forums, review sites, and even user reviews on Amazon – most of which have been rating it pretty positively.

A lot of attention has been put towards Brain Stack’s similarities to Alpha Brain. However, there are still quite a few underlying differences.

Brain Stack Ingredients

One of the many similarities Brain Stack has with Alpha Brain is its ingredients. However, under close comparison, they are not really that similar. Sure, both of them have 12 ingredients – however, Brain Stack contains some distinct ingredients, like L-Carnitine and Hericium Erinaceus , which is not available in Alpha Brain, and the latter in similar other nootropics.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine, also known as L-Carnitine or ALCAR, is a nootropic ingredient that has been shown to improve memory, as well as improving blood flow to the brain. It’s been shown to reduce ADD symptoms and treat Alzheimer’s disease as well. In addition to this, ALCAR also boosts mood in its users. On the other hand, Hericium Erinaceus is a medical mushroom that has shown evidence in improving nerve growth in the brain.

One thing we’ve noticed was Brain Smart’s inclusion of caffeine – which while providing a boost of energy, might actually take away from the overall nootropic experience. Some people are intolerant to caffeine, or simply do not like its side effects. Therefore, the removal of caffeine’s 60mg for something more brain enhancing might have been a better idea.

What Brain Stack Does for You

Brain Stack was quite consistent in its effects. It was stated on its website that Brain Stack would allow an increase in focus, while also increasing memory, alertness, and learning. While some of these effects were somewhat nonexistent at first, within 10 days of continued usage, the effects were a lot more evident. One good thing to note was that when we mentioned “consistent in its effects”, Brain Stack’s effects did not lower in effectiveness over time, unlike some of the brain enhancers that we’ve tried before.

We were impressed, really.

However, the caffeine in Brain Stack did pose problems. A few of us weren’t able to test it due to its inclusion. The good thing was that there were luckily, no caffeine-related side effects reported.

The Problem with Brain Stack

Brain Smart was a pretty good experience. While we can’t say it’s better than Alpha Brian (because it really isn’t), we can say that Brain Stack does everything that was stated on its website, while maintaining consistency. We’ve seen quite a lot of brain enhancers’ effects die down after a few days of usage, but not Brain Stack’s. While we did not agree with their inclusion of caffeine, it seems like Brain Stack’s inclusion of caffeine did not affect the overall experience. We still believe that the 60mg could have been better placed elsewhere, though.

For a brain enhancer that’s only been out for a year, Brain Stack is a great example of when a company does a lot of research first before creating a product, to allow maximum effects with minimal side effects. Is Brain Stack the best nootropic? Probably not. However, being one year, they still have a long journey ahead to perfection, and Brain Stack started extremely strong.

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