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Brain Lightning is a memory enhancer and brain supplement that purports to help you get that extra edge at work. It is also claimed to be the leading brain supplement since 1999. The website is a classic sales page, with basic HTML and crude graphics. This website and associated content are straight out of 1999, when this humorous product supposedly started. The website has crazy claims about how 10,000 doctors support Brain Lightning and its science.

Brain Lightning looks like a joke of a product, not a real brain supplement that helps with focus and concentration. However, we’ve learned you can never judge a book by their cover, as there are some cases where we’ve found a nootropic which we didn’t think much of astound us greatly. Let’s see if Brain Lightning can do this as well.

Brain Lightning is marketed in some fairly unattractive ways, with graphics and design that dates back to the 1990’s. We could not help but notice how different the websites of Brain Lightning and leading nootropics like Alpha Brain and Nitrovit look.

Brain Lightning Ingredients

Brain Lightning contains quite a few of the ingredients that most of the other nootropic supplements contain today. We found this quite strange due to the fact that it’s supposedly the leading brain supplement since 1999. Interestingly, one of its ingredients, DMAE, although a pretty effective nootropic substance, is banned in Canada and Australia. Why? Apparently, there have been studies on DMAE in which although brain enhancing, is associated with cell death.

What Brain Lightning Does for You

Besides the ugly website, we decided we should test the pill itself. Sometimes you can’t judge a book by its cover. We put Brain Lightning to the test, using 10 participants who reported after the first week, the first month, and the end of the 2 month study.

The people who were part of the Brain Lightning study reported consistent information, and found that Brain Lightning did not do much for them. After the first week, only 1 out of 10 reported any positive change to focus and concentration. After the first month, still just 1 out of 10 reported benefits. Also, at the end of the second month, only 1 out of 10 people reported any benefits.

 The Problem with Brain Lightning

Brain Lightning is at best a multivitamin. However the fact that its formula is outdated might lead you to believe that it might just have a few other side effects that were not demonstrated in our testing. Normally, older nootropics tend to have side effects, due to only the newer ones boasting side effect free properties. At worst, it is a homegrown concoction of ingredients that may or may not harm you in the long run. Brain Lightning is like actual lightning – stay away from it, or it might just kill you.

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