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AddieUP ReviewAddieup Score

There are a lot of nootropics that copy off the basic formulas of Adderall, and this one is one of them. In fact, you might say that it even slightly copies the name of the highly popular drug – but who can blame them? In the ever-growing industry of nootropics, they aren’t the first and they surely won’t be the last.

Introducing AddieUP, a stimulant / nootropic mix that was supposed to mirror the effects of Adderall’s l-amphetamine and d-amphetamine salts. It technically is a stimulant, due to the high amount of guarana included in the mixture. Guarana is an extract made from the seeds of the plant guaranine. In fact, the amount of guarana in AddieUP constitutes a lot more caffeine than an equal amount of coffee beans. This high level of caffeine is how AddieUP gives you a kick in the brain, as apposed to using high quality Nootropics as found in our readers top rated brain pill Nitrovit for example. While AddieUp creates an initial boost of energy this left us doing nothing more than fidgeting in our seats. Thankfully (like most blarge coffees this gittery sensation tended to ware off after about 30 minutes, leving nothing more than a mild, dull headache.

Ingredients in AddieUP

AddieUP has a pretty concise list of ingredients. These include guarana, choline, gingko biloba, yerba mate, and caffeine. This makes AddieUP quite the stimulant. The caffeine is enhanced by guarana, which is essentially a very high source of natural caffeine in itself. Don’t underestimate the amount of caffeine in a pill – they’re usually quite potent, some being as potent as 8 cups of coffee. Luckily, this isn’t one of those, but it should still give quite the kick.

The choline is a nice addition, but only when it is paired correctly, and it takes testing to find out whether or not this has been done correctly. Choline is a tough one, too, since the dosage needed is not the same for two different people. It takes special care and attention to detail to get the right mix that will suit the majority of people.

However, what we found in AddieUP, was that it had a lack of nootropic ingredients. We’re not saying that there aren’t any – how would it be one if it didn’t? But what we are saying is that compared to other nootropic options out there, its list of ingredients that directly help mental function and cognitive process just isn’t as vast and in-depth. With that in mind, it still serves as a good option compared to some other nootropics that have 50+ ingredients stuffed into one 750mg pill. Less is more, sometimes, and in the case of AddieUP, although it isn’t ideal, it still makes the mark.

What AddieUP Does for You

So after that little bit of research, the team here at got to testing AddieUP. We were quite skeptical since we’ve been having so many Adderall ripoffs lately, and this might have been another one. Anyway, down the hatch, and another, and another, and this went on for a month. We noticed that AddieUP started to hit right away, and there was something else to be felt from AddieUP. Bob called it a “crazy” feeling. It was sort of like an over-focused state of mind, to the point where you felt jittery instead of clear and focused. You know the feeling you have when you take a lot of caffeine too quickly, like downing a Red Bull? AddieUP is just like that.

In a nootropic point of view, it doesn’t really do much. We think the crazy feeling Bob was talking about was actually mostly due to the amount of caffeine contained inside, instead of actual focusing effects that are present in some nootropic ingredients, a popular one being Bacopa – something not included in AddieUP’s small arsenal of ingredients.

To be honest, we could really liken AddieUP to a very expensive shot of Red Bull. That’s probably the best comparison to this product. If you’d like to blow some cash, go ahead! However, there are better nootropics out there which include quality ingredients that actually have long-term benefits to the brain.

The Problem with AddieUP

AddieUP is really a stimulant. If stimulation gets you focused (no, not that kind of stimulation), then AddieUP is a good choice. However, it really seems that the manufacturers went for a pick-me-up pill instead of a scientifically solid nootropic supplement. Caffeine pills are a lot cheaper than AddieUP, and if you need something to keep you up for a few hours, why not go for those? Or the even cheaper alternatives, red bull or coffee. As mentioned earlier, if an expensive, condensed shot of Red Bull is your thing, then this might just be for you. Seriously though, there really is no good reason that you should be taking AddieUP, and if what you’re really looking for is a cognitive enhancer, we’ve already reviewed the best. Check them out!

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