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Today, we finished our little test on Adderex, a brain focus supplement that Tim, also known as the coffee guy, bought online through Amazon. He said he was happy to see that it had some positive reviews on Amazon, and through his excitement, bought some for the whole office. We were a bit worried that it would have no effect after our 3 weeks on actual Adderall. We weren’t so sure Adderex would deliver. After all, it was from Tim. Adderall is a methamphetamine mixed salt which binds to the brain’s receptors and opens them up from a dirt road to a super highway, allowing for more information flow and focus. Adderex, on the other hand, is a focus supplement that contains some natural ingredients that help with focus, like the ones found in coffee and chocolate.

There have been so many companies that tried to jump on the “Adderall” bandwagon, and ride on their profits, however, few have successfully been able to do so. It seems as if this is just another case similar to others. But school has taught us not to judge a book by its cover, and to that, we review Adderex.

Adderex Ingredients

It might be easy to confuse Adderex with Adderall – take note, they aren’t the same. In fact, they couldn’t be chemically further apart. While Adderall is synthesized, Adderex is all-natural, and contains the following ingredients:

  • Beta-Methylphenylethylamine Tartrate
  • Proprietary Blend 310 mg
  • N-Benzyl-alpha-Phenylethylamine Sulphate,
  • L-Lysine/N-Methyl-beta-Methylphenyleth HCL

  • Alpha-Phenylethylamine HCL
  • N-Methyl-beta-Phenylethylamine HCL
  • R-beta-Methylphenylethylamine HCL

These ingredients are typically broken down by the body too quickly to notice any change in focus, but Hi-Tech, the makers of Adderex, bound the active ingredient in to a blend of extracts at a 310mg rate. Theoretically, this helps the supplement stay in the body longer.

One thing to take notice of, though, is the fact that they have a “proprietary blend” in their lineup of ingredients. This is something that we don’t really like seeing. There are usually 2 reasons as to which a company will decide to put a “proprietary blend” in their formula, and the first one would be that they have such an incredible formula that they don’t want anyone copying. The second reason, of course, being that they’re trying to hide the fact that their ingredients are low quality. We aren’t suggesting in any way that their reason is one or the other, but please be advised on the reasons why a company does that.

What Adderex Does for Me

It might have been that we were just recently off Adderall, but the majority finding was that Adderex did not have as much of an effect as we initially expected. This is not to say that it had no effect; we found that taking this with our coffee in the morning completely blew away that all-too-familiar morning fog that resulted in reduced productivity. However, after lunch, we found that it really did not do much to help our focus or drive. We can’t really put our fingers on why Adderex demonstrates such a curious selective effect, but on the bright side – take this before you hop in the shower and it’ll will wake you up better than coffee.

Our readers seem to have reported similar results. They find that Adderex works better in the morning than in the afternoon, however, they do report that it does cause them to have lucid dreams, similar to an effect caused by many other nootropics.

However, what we found with Adderex, is that it just doesn’t bring anything to the table. There are so many other nootropics that demonstrate a similar effect, and do it better. Some nootropics are able to enable increases in focus, clarity, memory, and learning, similar to the way Adderex does. However, other nootropics do it better, and contain added benefits in other areas as well.

The Problem with Adderex

The ingredients are good, and we have actually done several metabolism tests on it, just for good measure. The active ingredients are working. However, the extracts that Hi-Tech paired with this might have been the wrong choice – there is a lot of potential with this list of ingredients, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. Some of the other products we’ve featured like Alpha Brain, Focus Factor, and NITROvit do a better job with chemically binding this stuff. In addition, the nootropics offered by those also have an added benefit of improving other areas of your life as well. Try those. And Tim, if you’re reading this, this explains why you’re just the coffee guy – stick with your thing.

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