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Profiderall is quite an interesting brain enhancing supplement that has been generating quite some traction lately. They’ve been slowly gathering an increasing number of followers. We’ve been through a lot of nootropics – when an organization only has a couple hundred of people, you’d understand why we’re on the quest to find that elusive 25th hour. In fact, the latest one we’ve reviewed was NITROvit. On that matter, we’ve been playing around with the latest made-in-USA pills. Obviously, for safety reasons, we try to keep our selection within the FDA guidelines, but some work better than others. Profiderall was covered on a story featured on CNN about making brain enhancers legal for OTC (over the counter) purchase. In fact, there is a lot of debate here in the US on the legality of a variety of substances. These are definitely interesting times for certain drugs and brain pills.

It’s interesting, though, that out of all the nootropics out there, it was Profiderall that was chose to be taken in by the news. With the many other different options out there, was Profiderall a good representative of the nootropics industry? Or maybe, perhaps, the fact that it was the one selected to undergo a news study attests to the effectiveness of the capsule. Is Profiderall worth your time?

Profiderall vs. Adderall

There was a time back then when all the hype was on Adderall. To be honest, it still has a large number of users. However, the time of Adderall is long gone due to the many movements that have arose in the last few years. Many people look for the natural solution. This is where Adderall, and other similar drugs like Vyvanse and Concerta, fall behind. There is a lack of testing on the long-term effects of consumption of such drugs. However, it is safe to say that pharmaceuticals that are all-natural do not have that much of a negative impact on the body, if any. With the rise of brain enhancers and nootropics as of late, there’s no reason to be behind the competition. And with the help of the internet, everything is possible. That’s how we got a hold of Profiderall, along with most others.

However, one thing we here seem to not completely understand, is the fact that many pharmaceutical companies still try to ride the Adderall bandwagon. If you look at all the many nootropics out there, many of them are made along the name of Adderall. More interestingly, many of these nootropics work nothing like Adderall. For example, Nooderall or Adderex, or in this case, Profiderall. We just think it’s peculiar. However, this is never any testament to how the drug works and whether it’s effective or not.

What Profiderall Does for You

One of the things that Profiderall does to you is that it gives you an energy boost. Yes, there is caffeine in Profiderall. Some people might enjoy it, while others might not. However, the thing we want to address here is why they included caffeine in Profiderall. There are only 750mg in the average pill or capsule. Many manufacturers try to include many additive ingredients into the pill. Some come in forms of multivitamins, some in nutrients, and in this case, it’s caffeine. What we don’t like about this sort of thing happening, is that the potency of the overall nootropic ingredients lose potency as a result of this. When 1/10 of the pill goes to caffeine, that’s 1/10 of the pill that could have gone to nootropics.

And to that matter, we’ve been hearing reports that Profiderall isn’t as effective as it should be. Or rather, it isn’t that effective when compared to other nootropics of the similar price range or classification. Sure, it does what it says it does, and gives you extra mental clarity and focus. However, the effects aren’t all as they make it out to be.

There are some mild side effects that you experience from Profiderall, the most common one being high irritability. This is actually a common problem with nootropics. However, this is a problem tackled by every company’s manufacturer, and how it is remedied varies between products. On Profiderall, it is quite noticeable. It does give you a good boost in energy, though. Interestingly, there were only a few who reported a boost in focus. Whether or not you want to go with Profiderall, though, is your choice – but if you’re the type of person who is already easily annoyed, look elsewhere.

The Problem with Profiderall

It seems as if the production team behind Profiderall packed in a lot of stimulant, such as caffeine or guarana, into the capsule. This gives its users an instant kick to the brain, sort of making an illusion of productivity. We aren’t going to say that there is nothing in their set of ingredients that promotes the expected effects of a nootropic, though. There are. However, the effect received from those ingredients are minimal – even negligible. Profiderall would work for lazy people who need an energy spike when coffee or red bull isn’t enough. However, those seeking for a boost in productivity in terms of an overall heightened cognitive functioning should definitely look for other alternatives.

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