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Concerta ReviewConcerta Score

Concerta, most commonly known as Ritalin, is one of the most popular ADHD drugs that has made its way into the brain enhancement supplement market. Some of the brand names that Concerta is also known as include the following:

– Methylin
– Ritalin
– Equasym XL

All of these brand names, including Concerta, are actually made up of the active ingredient methylphenidate. Primarily, this is a stimulant and focus aid for kids who have issues with ADHD.

Concerta is some pretty heavy duty drug though, with some potential side effects bordering dangerous, like aggression, high blood pressure, and hallucination. With a laundry list of side effects like these, it’s quite concerning why parents allow their kids to take this type of medication. Really, the only benefit is for people who need to temporarily improve their mental abilities. We highly discourage anyone from taking this, in any of its forms.

With the recent advances in neuroscience and in pharmaceuticals, the use of Concerta has been rendered unnecessary. There are many offerings in the market that are much safer to use, and in fact many nootropics out there contain no side effects – you just have to look for them. However, here, we review the best of the best, as well as some of the ones which you should avoid to help you, the reader, make the best informed decision you can make.

What Concerta Does for You

Concerta works in similar ways to other ADHD medications. It stimulates the central nervous system. It blocks the release of certain chemicals in the brain, but encourages other chemicals to be released in greater quantities. Generally, it’s prescribed for people with narcolepsy and ADHD. However, there are no herbal extracts or real nootropics in Concerta.

A lot of the ingredients inside Concerta may are labeled dangerous for your health, and in higher doses, can cause the onset of many different types of side effects. Although Concerta works to increase mental performance in the brain, it has been recommended to be only used as a short-term solution. Long-term use has not been tested extensively and experts suggest that it is not good for the brain and body. In many states, however, many people are still using it for school or for work as a brain-enhancing supplement. Again, we highly discourage against this. There are better solutions out there.

The Problem with Concerta

Honestly, no one in the office even touches Concerta anymore – let alone put it in anywhere near their mouth. It is very harsh, and the formulation it contains may be highly detrimental to the brain in extended usage. There have been users who have experienced milder side effects from even just a month of use. The leading pharmaceutical experts in the country state that further usage might bring about nastier consequences. There really is no good reason for using this, and even if your doctor prescribes this to you, think twice. Ask him for more natural alternatives. If he doesn’t give you any, try to get a second opinion. Alternatively, you can check out our opinion on some of the reviewed natural nootropics here as well!

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