Adderall Review

Adderall Review

Adderall (depends on pharmacy).

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The infamous Adderall. It’s been a staple for a long time in any student’s bag of goodies for an exam. There’s a reason why Adderall is famous for what it does. Adderall is a great pharmaceutical solution for people who need to quickly increase their focus on their work or studies. The chemistry is hard to ignore, and it just works. Most users claim an increase in productivity for the period of time that they use it. It might not have any long term benefits, though.

Starting in 1996, Adderall has seen a large number of users, and had for a while until the rise of greater nootropics, which has been quite a trend as of late. It isn’t that Adderall isn’t relevant anymore – in fact, some nootropics today still borrow a lot of their ingredients from Adderall. However, what has happened as of late is with the rising amounts of nootropics out there, it’s difficult to deny that Adderall is facing some serious competition. In fact, recently, it lost around 15% of its hold on the market to the other nootropic alternatives out there. It’s still fighting though, and many suggest that they only need a small tweak to reinstate them as the large giants that they were before.

Adderall Ingredients

For a long time, what makes Adderall work has been sort of a mystery. In fact, if you went to a college campus and asked around, most users might not even know themselves. After much research though, it turns out that Adderall works by increasing the production of cAMP – cyclic adenosine monophosphate – a messenger that tells the brain to focus and work harder. You are really feeding your brain when you increase the number of messengers you send to it. What happens is it opens a superhighway of sorts, allowing you to sit down, and really focus on work.

Adderall is famous for it being an amphetamine. It doesn’t work the same way as most modern nootropics do, instead of getting your brain focused, clear, and efficient so that you can do work, it releases chemicals in your brain that make you feel good and motivated, so that you plow through the amount of work that you have.

However, it is easy to abuse Adderall, and a lot of people are doing so at the moment. It sort of gives you a high, and in that respect, people have “fun” with it.

What Adderall Does for You

Adderall increases focus, in a way, telling the distracted part of the brain to really pick up the slack. It gives your brain a dose of hormones that causes large increases in happiness and motivation. Even with many other supplements out there claiming to increase motivation, Adderall still remains a contender simply because of the number of nootropics out there that have very ineffective blends. In all honesty, if some of the nootropics got it right, there would be no one using Adderall. However, the nootropics industry is a newly booming one, with discoveries being made every day, making some of them still not as effective as Adderall. Only a handful do it right, like Alpha Brain, Focus Factor, and NITROvit.

Some of our users, though, report a loss in appetite. Whether or not this is something you’re looking for, note that this is not what Adderall is meant to do, and more likely, a side effect. This is not a diet pill.

It’s interesting to know, though, that there are ingredients in Adderall that make it addictive. Whereas in some nootropics, people are addicted to the results, as nootropics do not contain addictive substances, Adderall may form a chemical addiction in your brain, similar to a nicotine addiction that smokers experience. Still though, that does not take away from the effectiveness of the drug, as it is a very effective one.

The Problem with Adderall

Adderall works well. There’s a reason why Adderall is as famous as it is. It’s been tested and proven for a while now, and to the nootropic’s industry dismay, it’s not going away any time soon. There are some issues with it, though. As stated earlier, Adderall has a known side effect of making you lose appetite. Other users also report feeling headaches, natural with some nootropics, when using Adderall inconsistently. Aside from that, it can get addictive. However, that still doesn’t do anything about the fact that so many people are using Adderall. Some people might like it, some may not. Lastly, Adderall requires a doctor’s prescription, and without insurance, that gets expensive. Still, though, Adderall works where it should, and is still a major concern for many nootropic companies – that in itself is a testament of its effectiveness.

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