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Does ADDTabz Work? My ADDTabz Supplement Review

This is one of the ones the few supplements that we reviewed that has blatantly ripped off Adderall.

We received this in the mail as a free trial while we were reviewing Adderall – who knew that clicking one of those banner ads actually did something?

Nevertheless, we haven’t gotten the chance to review this until just recently. It isn’t every day when you receive a bottle of pills that purportedly enhances your cognitive functions, so we gave it a try.

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Although ADDTabz has “ADD” in its name, if you look into their website and their advertising, it is obviously being marketed to students and the average office employee.

Their claims that they are the “smart drug” that has come to replace Adderall seems farfetched, as that giant still claims a large majority hold on the brain enhancing supplement market, as well as from its market of ADD sufferers.

A more accurate statement would be that ADDTabz is competing in the vast ocean that is the nootropic industry in hopes of stealing a few customers from the industry’s giants.

However, how does it hold up?

It seems as if they’ve employed a bunch of marketing scams, including the inclusion of RX in another version of ADDTabz, which would imply that it needs a prescription – which it doesn’t.

However, it might seem that it is only a quick profit product, but that might just not be the case.

We need to investigate it further – never judge a nootropic by its crappy marketing team.

Ingredients in ADDTabz

As with all supplements, it is important to look over the ingredients on the Nutritional Facts label.

ADDTabz has the standard list of nootropics ingredients like vinpocetine, but the pride of the supplement is the proprietary substance the makers (GenTech Pharmaceuticals) have concocted, called Ampheta CDP.

As mentioned earlier, ADDTabz seems to be marketing their product as the new Adderall solution. Here are the facts:

– ADDTabz is a take on the Adderall name
– Ampheta CDP is a take on amphetamine, which is the chemical compound is found in Adderall.

So they name is similar to the real deal, but is it really the same? ADDTabz does not contain l-amphetamine or d-amphetamine, so it cannot work exactly like Adderall.

GenTech could not market it if it were. It is possible that ADDTabz works like Adderall, just in a different way?

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What ADDTabz Does for You

ADDTabz demonstrates in its users a similar effect to AddieUP, a stimulant with nootropics. From experimentation and the emails we’ve received, effects kick in a mere 20-30 minutes of taking the supplement, but aside from that, there is one more thing going on, that doesn’t have to do with cognitive function at all. Users reported feeling,,,, horny? We’re not sure if this is a side effect from the mixture of ingredients, or whether this was put in there intentionally. Take note of that fact, though.

Another thing we’ve noticed is that aside from the previously mentioned boost of energy, there isn’t really any nootropic effects to be benefited from this. Through our testing, we’ve actually found a lot more things that it doesn’t do than the amount of things it does do. It was weird, we felt no difference in focus, clarity, memory recall – even the vivid dreams that some nootropics bring. In fact, even though it apparently had amphetamines in it, it did not feel anything like Adderall. Perhaps, it was a very weak ingredient in the mix. Or perhaps they were just using low grade ingredients. Whatever it was, it did not work.

The Problem with ADDTabz

ADDTabz might work well for some people, but it just seemed like a stimulant more than a pure nootropics supplement. In fact, even though it included amphetamines, we didn’t feel any of those effects. Don’t let the name fool you – It isn’t anything like Adderall, despite the similar name. This is a problem for ADDTabz since they’re marketing to people looking for an improved Adderall alternative. If they aren’t able to reproduce better, let alone similar, effects, they’re going to have trouble, It’s brain enhancing supplements that they’re dealing with, and in that respect, they’re nothing special either. It seems as if ADDTabz is having a sense of identity crisis. Not only is it inferior to Adderall, but it isn’t even in the same league as the big boys, like Alpha Brain, NITROvit, and Focus Factor.

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