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How to Speed Read

How to Speed Read – Speed Reading isn’t about Speed   When you think about how to speed read, what’s the first thing that comes into your mind? Probably learning how to read long lines of text swiftly. However, despite what most people think, the secret to speed reading isn’t speed.     Speedy Reading […]

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The Effects of Sitting all Day

The Effects of Sitting all Day – How our Brains are Effected…     Sitting all day affects the brain in the same way as smoking all day a new study suggests. There have been many articles written about how physical exercise positively affects the body, and how a lack of exercise will bring about […]

Being Fat is Bad for the Brain

Being Fat is Bad for the Brain

Motivation to lose weight There is now yet another reason why you should shed off the extra pounds: it’s bad for the brain. Like really bad. Maybe even devastating. So perhaps now would be the best time to order your favourite fatty fast food, as you probably won’t want to eat it again after you […]

Being Fat Hinders the Brain

Being Fat Hinders the Brain

How being Overweight Effects the Brain Before you start reading this article, you might want to cherish every moment of eating that last cheeseburger you’ve been munching on for the last few minutes. We say last because you might not want to pick up another one afterwards. No, we aren’t going to discuss things that […]

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What is Memory?

What is a memory really?

Is it like a video in your head?

A video that you play back as many times as you’d like?

No, apparently not.