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 Prevagen Review

Prevagen ReviewAs we age, mental decline is inevitable. Turning 30 alone seems scary enough, not to mention the slow loss of memory and decreased alertness that comes along with it. Day to day, we take our memory for granted, not realizing that only through the ability to remember is the brain’s filing system created. Until one day – your wife’s phone number that used to be easy to recall gets jumbled up in your brain and suddenly you can’t seem to figure it out. Then again, fading memory comes along naturally with age. But thanks to vast improvements in scientific technology, supplement industries have developed products that are able to help you maintain memory recall, keep a sharp focus and boost energy levels. While most industries are aiming for a younger market, we did find one product that particularly targets the older generation – Prevagen. Prevagen’s slogan reads “…for minds over 40”, clearly indicating to us that the ingredients in the formula are specifically designed to help the elderly.

Prevagen was created by Quincy Bioscience – a biotechnological laboratory initially established in Madison, Wisconsin in 2004. The manufacturers have labeled their main product Prevagen as a brain power supplement that helps to maintain a “healthier brain, sharper mind, and memory protection.” With these claims in mind, Quincy Bioscience also stresses the benefits of cell aging protection defense that comes along with the product. Funnily enough, Prevagen only contains 1 ingredient. With a lot of promises to fulfill, we wonder whether their “secret ingredient” is a strong enough soldier to win the battle of brain cell deterioration alone. Well there was only one way to find out, and that’s by testing it ourselves.

Our team here in really aims to stray away from providing you with any biased information. That’s why we have tested Prevagen to let you in on the dirt. Three of our team members bravely volunteered to try this brain-enhancing product. Taken at the suggested dose of one capsule a day, our team members went into the experiment feeling anxious about whether or not Prevagen can produce any real effects. For the first 3 days, the members united in saying that they did feel a bit of a lift when it came to concentrating on the task at hand. They were more focused and felt less of an urge to check that Facebook notification pop-up. Because this only lasted for 72 hours, however, it could’ve very well been a placebo effect. For the days ahead, all 3 team members claimed that they did not feel any improvements when it came to memory recall. By week 2, the experiment was stopped.

Despite our results, we refrained from coming to a quick and bitter conclusion, because Quincy Bioscience’s website does present us with an experiment where positive results did shine through. This could only suggest 2 things: Either the product isn’t effective or we used an inaccurate sample group (meaning our 3 team members were not over 40 years old and do not suffer from neurological problems such as dementia or Alzheimer’s). We decided to go with the latter and to dive into further research on the product’s main ingredient – Apoaequorin.

Ingredient(s) in Prevagen

Apoaequorin is a calcium binding protein found in glowing Jellyfish. I know what you’re thinking…”wait did I just read that correctly? Did this review just say glowing jellyfish?” Yes. Although this stuff unfortunately won’t make your skin radiate or shed a glow, Prevagen does claim that it can help improve brain function. Known to be a very controversial substance, we couldn’t help but ask ourselves: Is this a gimmick or is it for real? Through our research, we have found several websites that suggests to us that apoaequorin can help cell deterioration by regulating intercellular calcium levels. However, these research findings are very limited and have not been tested for long periods of time. In the little research that we did find concerning aqoaequorin, we realized that the test subjects used were already experiencing neurological problems such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. For this reason, we can confidently say that Prevagen may be very effective for seniors with a decline in brain function, but is not suitable for an ambitious 35-year-old who needs a bit of a kick to keep the business going.


What Prevagen Does for You

Cytosolic calcium is a substance naturally created in our brain. When levels of cytosolic calcium are increased, neural communication in the brain becomes hindered, thus resulting in lowered mental performance. The growth of cytosolic calcium in our brains, however, only comes after the age of 40-45, depending on each individual. Prevagen recognizes this, which is why it promotes its product as being effective for all the older folks out there. It’s main ingredient, aqoaequorin, has an amino acid sequence similar to that of endogenous calcium – a substance that lowers levels of cytosolic calcium. For this reason, Prevagen claims that it can help you fight mental impairment.

The Problem with Prevagen

The only main issue that we have with Prevagen focuses on the lack of research available on aqoaequorin. As aforementioned, research on aqoaequorin remains to be limited because the compound is not popular amongst supplement industries. One substance that has been researched extensively, however, is Noopept. Known for its effectiveness in memory and focus enhancer, Noopept continues to be our favorite substance when it comes to brain boosters. It’s no wonder that our editor’s first choice, Nitrovit, packs a solid amount of this stuff in each bottle. Most of the time, it’s better for supplement companies to stick with an ingredient that has been tested on a large-scale, thus providing future customers the ability to pick a safe choice. But for all the seniors out there that want a bit of a memory enhancer to help you keep feeling young, then Prevagen would be a recommended buy.

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