How to Speed Read

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How to Speed Read – Speed Reading isn’t about Speed


When you think about how to speed read, what’s the first thing that comes into your mind?

Probably learning how to read long lines of text swiftly.

However, despite what most people think, the secret to speed reading isn’t speed.


A pile of books and a stopwatch together, a symbol for speed reading


Speedy Reading isn’t how to Speed Read

It’s natural to think that the best way to be able to speed read would be to try reading as fast as you can – practicing your reading speed.

The faster you read, the faster you can finish everything, and hopefully you’ll get the gist of it – right?

This is a misconception.

It isn’t only about the ability to read fast.

What good is it to be able to read 600 words per minute if you aren’t really understanding the concepts of what you’re reading?

There’s no point.

If you do not comprehend what you’re reading, there’s no gaining of knowledge involved.

With no knowledge gain, chances are that you’re not going to be able to recall anything later on.

Additionally, it might even seem like a difficult, bothersome task.

However, what you should do is to work on your comprehension skills – how easily you’re able to understand and remember things.


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How to improve your comprehension skills

And you can do this by learning how to visualize.

Most people are already good at doing this, though.

These are visual people, who often find it easier following instructions when written, in contrast to when heard.

It’s the right side of the brain that has to deal with this – the same side that processes and controls imagination, memory, and creativity.


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This is where most people fail in speed reading.

Whereas the best technique in speed reading involves visualization and the use of imagination (right side of the brain), most people uses the side that deals with written language (left side of the brain).

However, when you are able to read quickly enough that you don’t have to start interpreting the words in front of you, but rather, you start visualizing in your head what’s really going on, in your own language and jargon that you find easy to understand, you’ll find you might even go past the 600 word per minute rate.

You’ll fly to infinity, and beyond.

That’s when you know you know how to speed read.


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