The Effects of Sitting all Day

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The Effects of Sitting all Day – How our Brains are Effected…


Effects of sitting all day


Sitting all day affects the brain in the same way as smoking all day a new study suggests.

There have been many articles written about how physical exercise positively affects the body, and how a lack of exercise will bring about negative consequences to the body.

Put simply, if you sit down all day at your desk working, you risk adding pounds to your weight and inches to your waistline.

If this was not enough motivation to get up and do something, more recent news shows that a lack of physical exercise makes our brains less sharp as well.


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Memory Loss Associated with Sitting all day

The most recent study to examine the effects of lack of physical exercise on the brain showed that a lack of movement caused subjects to forget more and remember less.

In this study students in colleges and universities across the US measured their abilities to perform a memory test.

The students were given a word pair association test and were asked to remember as many words as they could.

Then, the test was given again after 24 hours.

What was revealed was that the students who were physically unfit were able to remember much less than those who exercised regularly.


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This should be a wake-up call for those who are desk-bound most of the day.


Fight Back Against the Effects of Sitting all Day: Some Solutions to Combat Memory Loss

If you work at a desk most of the day, you have to realize that continuing in this trend will yield nothing but negative results for you physically and mentally.

Pull that old stair-stepper or treadmill out of the closet and put it next to your desk if you work from home.

Convincing yourself to do an hour on the treadmill may be difficult, but 5 minutes of brisk walking or running every couple of hours is enough to prevent this memory loss from occurring.


Working from the office?

Replace the treadmill with quick 60-second exercises like shadow boxing or lunges.

You might feel ridiculous when your co-workers all gather to catch your in-office workouts, but the brain benefits significantly from this physical activity, and your memory will be better the next day.

Physical exercise has been proven to affect the brain in many ways, and further research is expected to support what we already know – stop sitting down if you want a sharper mind.


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